As parents, it’s natural to have concerns for the safety of your child in anything they do. Whether it’s sporting events, school camps or other extracurricular activities, you want to know that they’re protected at all times. An acting job for kids is no different. Even though it is a form of paid employment, parents still want absolute certainty that their children are in a safe environment.

So, how safe is the acting world for young people?

Working with children checks

Perhaps the most common way to protect the safety of children is through working with children checks. These are background checks ensuring that anybody working with a child in Australia is considered responsible and safe. The laws vary across Australia, but this is a great way for parents to gain some peace of mind.

You’re well within your rights to ask about an employer’s protocols around this. For example, does the company require that all people working on the acting or modelling shoot hold a working with children check? If not, you may not wish to proceed with the job.

Employment laws

Every state and territory has its own laws regarding the employment of children in general. Every industry must follow these laws. They do serve the purpose of ensuring children aren’t financially exploited.

All companies hiring children for acting or modelling roles are subject to these laws, and there may be certain exemptions that apply. This is because usually, children under a certain age aren’t permitted to hold employment at all.

Protecting against indecency

You must be involved in your child’s acting as a parent. Again, state and territory laws are slightly different when it comes to protecting children from indecent or sexualised depictions. But overall, if you’re uncomfortable with the direction of a television ad, TV show or modelling shoot, you always have the right to remove your child. If you’re not comfortable with the situation, it’s best to get out straight away.

The child’s role isn’t everything here. It’s also the other activity on set. Let’s say you’re filming a movie that includes child actors. If the movie includes adult scenes, children must be kept away.

Use a reputable child talent agency

The best protection against your children coming to harm is always yourself. You’re in charge of making the right decisions for them. That’s why many parents choose to use reputable talent agencies instead of going it alone. When you apply for acting or modelling jobs from unverified sources, you never know what the environment will be like.

Use a reputable agency like Casting Kids. You’ll feel safe that all auditions and jobs are through legitimate clients. If you’d like to know about how Casting Kids can find you the best acting job for kids, contact us today!

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