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Common Mistakes When Not Using a Kids Acting Agency

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If your child has a thirst for acting, it’s an exciting time for both of you. Whether your child starts in school plays or wants to get straight into the acting game, it can be difficult to navigate. That’s why so many parents choose to partner with a reputable kids acting agency for guidance. However, those who rush in without the proper support often find themselves in dangerous or less-than-ideal situations. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when pursuing an acting career without an experienced agent

Attending unsafe auditions

The biggest nightmare for any parent would be having their child put in a potentially unsafe situation while acting. Unfortunately, not all casting calls are genuine, and some may expose your child to unscrupulous characters. Without the watchful eye of an agency, you might inadvertently take your child to an unsafe audition. A reputable kids acting agency screens opportunities, ensuring your child’s safety is paramount. Always remember, an audition’s legitimacy isn’t about its allure but its authenticity.

Unpaid or low-paying work

While it’s natural to leap at every opportunity, not all gigs are equal. Many parents, in their excitement, overlook the compensation aspect. But let’s be honest, while passion is great, it doesn’t pay the bills. Many people offer casting calls for inexperienced child actors, citing ‘experience’ as the main benefit, rather than being paid properly. Naturally, these are the types of jobs you want avoid.

Moreover, undervaluing your child’s talent can set a precedent for future jobs. A seasoned kids acting agency knows the industry rates, ensuring that your child receives deserving compensation for their work. After all, talent shouldn’t be short-changed.

Auditions your child isn’t ready for

Every child has a unique talent, and just because they excel in one role doesn’t mean they’re suited for all. Taking your child to every audition can lead to rejections, which, in turn, can dent their confidence. An agency tailors audition selections based on your child’s strengths, ensuring a higher chance of success.

It’s not just about the types of roles either. Your child may be very new to acting, and it can damage their self-esteem if you send them to auditions where every other child is clearly more experienced.

Not considering your child’s long-term career

The glitz and glamour of acting can sometimes overshadow the end game – building a sustainable career. Jumping from one gig to another without a coherent plan might bring immediate success, but what about the long run? An acting agency doesn’t just find opportunities; they build a roadmap for your child’s long-term career. They consider growth, skill development, and brand-building, ensuring your child isn’t just a fleeting star but enjoys a long and prosperous career.

Want a reputable kids acting agency in Melbourne?

Navigating the world of child acting can be smoother with a guide by your side. If you’re seeking the best representation for your budding actor, consider Casting Kids. As a trusted agency in Melbourne, we’re committed to nurturing child actors and models, ensuring they shine while staying safe. Want to give your child the head start they deserve? Contact us today, and find out how we can kick-start your child’s acting career.

From School Plays to Child Acting Auditions in Melbourne

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So, your youngster’s talent has shone through in school plays, and you’re wondering about the next steps? Melbourne, the cultural heart of Australia, offers an enormous range of opportunities for budding young actors. Navigating the world of child acting auditions in Melbourne can seem daunting, but with the right guidance and preparation, the process becomes a whole lot easier. We’ve put together this guide to offer practical advice on transitioning your child from school stages to a professional acting career.

Here are some tips on how to build your child’s skills, confidence and experience in the world of acting.

Get involved in community theatre

Before you worry too much about hitting the big time, it’s a good idea to let your child explore their talents in community theatre. Not only does it offer a relaxed environment to hone skills, but it also allows them to build a network. Most local areas have an acting community for younger people, such as musical societies and acting groups. In these community-based productions, they’ll meet directors, actors, and coaches, many of whom have connections or insights into child acting auditions around Melbourne. Plus, the real-world experience on a slightly bigger stage can be invaluable in boosting confidence and getting a feel for the industry.

Take acting lessons

While breaking out into performances outside of the school environment is a good start, how does your child really fast-track their acting development? Investing in quality acting lessons. While raw talent is remarkable, refining that talent is key. Melbourne boasts numerous renowned acting schools and workshops tailored for children. By enrolling in these, your child will get exposure to industry professionals, structured training, and, often, insider advice on upcoming auditions. Remember, it’s not just about acting; lessons in voice modulation, movement, and emotional expression can set your child apart from the rest.

Practice acting at home

Formal acting training only occurs for so many hours each week. So, if your child is really keen on a career in acting, encourage them to practise at home. You can play an active role here. Read scripts with your child, create mini home theatres, or even shoot short films using a smartphone. Encourage them to experiment with different characters or even dabble in improvisation. Frequent practice hones their ability to emote, memorise lines, and react on the spot. Besides, these fun acting sessions can be a fantastic bonding experience!

Prepare for all child acting auditions in Melbourne carefully

When your child does start attending child acting auditions in Melbourne, preparation becomes crucial to their success. It’s essential not to treat all auditions as one-size-fits-all. Each one is unique. Begin by researching the production company and the role your child is auditioning for. Customise their approach, keeping the character’s requirements in mind. Before the audition, ensure they’re well-rested and have rehearsed their lines thoroughly. Equip them with a portfolio that includes headshots, any previous acting experiences, and references, if possible. Oh, and don’t forget to be super-encouraging to boost their self-confidence!

Need help finding child acting auditions in Melbourne?

Casting Kids is here to help budding young actors realise their dreams. Specialising in providing representation for child actors and models, Casting Kids is your go-to guide in the bustling world of child acting auditions in Melbourne. Curious about how it all comes together? Don’t hesitate to reach out for more details, and let’s set the stage for your child’s stardom!

Top Tips to Ace Auditions for Teens in the Acting World

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When it comes to child acting auditions, nerves are always part of the equation. They can be the gateway to your teen’s acting dream, but they can also be daunting. Every young actor in Australia knows how pivotal they are. Yet, auditions for teens can be a nerve-wracking phase for both parents and teens alike. Let’s unpack some top tips to help your teenager navigate these challenging waters.

Understanding the audition process

Auditions aren’t just about talent. They’re an intricate combination of preparation, presentation, and personality. Here’s what your teen should be doing before every audition to ensure the best chance of success.

  • Research: Before the audition, find out as much as you can about the role, the show or movie, and the character. This gives your teen a significant edge.
  • Scripts: Sometimes, they might get a script beforehand. Encourage them to practice, but also to be flexible. They might be asked to change something on the spot!
  • The day: On the day, there’s often waiting involved. Remind your teen to stay calm, hydrated, and warm up their voice and body.

As they say, prior planning prevents poor performance!

Harnessing those jitters

Nerves aren’t always a bad thing. Adrenaline can enhance performance when channelled correctly. Here’s how:

  • Mindfulness: Breathing exercises and visualisation can be game-changers. They help in focusing and staying present.
  • Routine: A consistent pre-audition routine can also make a world of difference. Whether it’s a particular warm-up or even a specific breakfast, find what works and stick to it.

Nerves are natural, especially if your teen really wants the role they’re auditioning for. But using nerves to their advantage is the best way to keep them under control.

Mastering the craft

Beyond the specific skills needed for an audition, continual honing of their acting craft will set them apart:

  • Training: Enrolling them in a local drama school or workshop will not only enhance their skills but also provide invaluable networking opportunities.
  • Feedback: Constructive criticism is a gift. After every audition or performance, seek feedback and work on the areas of improvement.

Not everybody can afford expensive acting lessons, but at the very least, encouraging your child to participate in school plays and performances is a great start.

Making a memorable impression

First impressions matter, and in auditions, they often matter a lot. Here are some ways to make a great first impression.

  • Punctuality: Being late can be the quickest way to leave a negative impression. Arrive early.
  • Appearance: Dress the part, but don’t go overboard. Simple, clean attire that reflects the character can speak volumes.
  • Attitude: A positive attitude can be contagious. Even if things aren’t going perfectly, maintaining a can-do spirit can leave a lasting impact.

Casting Kids can help

Acting auditions can be a maze, especially when your teen is just starting out. That’s where Casting Kids comes in. As a dedicated child acting agency in Australia, they’ve got the expertise to guide your teen through their acting journey, especially when it comes to auditions for teens. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

How to Find the Best Child Acting Representation for Your Young Star

child acting representation

Diving into the world of acting can be both thrilling and daunting, especially when it involves your child. One of the first steps on this journey is finding the right child acting representation. It’s not just about talent; it’s also about finding a team that understands your child’s unique abilities and aspirations, guiding them to the right opportunities.

Key features to look for in an agency

When looking for an agency that really delivers strong child acting representation, there are a few things you can’t compromise on. Consider these factors very carefully when choosing an agency for your child.

  • Reputation: A good agency should have a positive track record. Word of mouth in the acting community can be a good indicator.
  • Transparency: They should be upfront about fees, expectations, and the roles they’re recommending for your child.
  • Connections: The more people the agency knows in the industry, the better. It means they can provide a wider range of opportunities.
  • Support: Ensure they provide guidance, workshops, or training opportunities to hone your child’s skills.

Ensuring compatibility with your child’s needs

Every child is different, and the representation should align with their goals. Are they interested in commercials, TV shows, theatre, or movies? Some agencies might specialise in one area more than others. Discuss openly about:

  • The type of roles your child is interested in.
  • Any specific brands or shows they aspire to work with.
  • Their comfort level with travel if opportunities arise outside your home city.

You know your child best, and you know what you’re hoping to get out of the venture. So, finding an agency that suits your child’s needs and goals is essential.

Navigating contracts and legalities

A good agency knows Australia’s specific laws and regulations concerning child actors. They’ll guide you through:

  • Work permits and necessary paperwork.
  • Limits on working hours to ensure your child’s welfare.
  • Financial aspects, including how earnings will be managed (e.g., trust accounts).

While smaller jobs like commercials may not take too long, a role on a TV show, for example, is a huge time investment. Make sure you’re comfortable with the support provided for your child’s education while they act.

Benefits of having the right representation

You might wonder why not just go at it alone? But the right representation can make a world of difference:

  • Networking: Agencies have contacts you might not be able to access independently.
  • Expertise: They can provide valuable insights into the industry, helping your child avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Safety: Agencies vet opportunities to ensure the working environment is safe and appropriate for young talents.

Explore opportunities with Casting Kids

When it comes to child acting representation in Australia, Casting Kids stands out. We’re more than just an agency; we’re a supportive community dedicated to helping young talents shine. Our commitment to understanding each child’s unique aspirations ensures they get the best opportunities in line with their goals. Why not let us be a part of your child’s journey to stardom? Contact us today for more information.

Melbourne’s Baby Modelling Scene: How to Get Started

babies modelling

Are you the parent of an adorable baby and have considered baby modelling as an exciting venture for your little one? Baby modelling is a fun and rewarding experience for kids, provided you have the right representation. Given its vibrant and diverse fashion industry, Melbourne’s modelling scene is also the perfect place to start. This article will guide you through the key steps in preparing your baby for a promising modelling career.

Understanding baby modelling

Baby modelling is about showcasing your child’s natural charisma and charm in front of the camera. Contrary to common belief, it’s not just about physical appearance. Rather, it’s about your baby’s temperament, ability to engage with the camera, and comfort level in different environments. Baby modelling agencies in Melbourne understand this and strive to make sure the experience is enjoyable for your baby.

Choosing a reputable modelling agency

Choosing a trustworthy and reputable modelling agency is the first essential step in your baby’s modelling journey. The agency acts as the mediator between your baby and potential clients, ensuring your child gets the right opportunities. Agencies also guide you through legalities, contracts, and payments, safeguarding your baby’s interests. You’ll have a much better experience when you and your child feel supported on your journey. So, always look for reputable child talent agencies with a history of success.

Preparing your baby for modelling

Preparing your baby for a modelling career isn’t just about taking cute photos. It’s also about ensuring your baby is comfortable and happy during the shoot. Remember, your baby’s comfort comes first. Keep your baby well-rested and fed before a shoot. Also, bring their favourite toy or blanket to make them feel secure. And, of course, if your baby doesn’t seem to enjoy it, don’t push them. The key is to keep the experience stress-free and fun for your baby.

Managing expectations

Getting into baby modelling does require patience and also realistic expectations. Remember that each baby is unique, and not every job will fit perfectly. Rejections are a part of the industry but don’t reflect your baby’s potential. Please be patient, open-minded, and understand that success takes time. Your child may even need a few auditions to become accustomed to that environment.

Prioritising your baby’s well-being

Your baby’s well-being should always be the top priority. Ensure the agency adheres to strict safety guidelines and respects your baby’s needs. This includes adequate breaks during shoots, a safe and comfortable environment, and ensuring the experience doesn’t interfere with your baby’s routine. A reputable agency will always prioritise your baby’s health and happiness.

Looking for supportive baby modelling representation?

We’re committed to making your baby’s entry into modelling a wonderful experience at Casting Kids. As a leading child modelling and acting agency in Melbourne, we offer personalised guidance and support to budding young models. When it comes to baby modelling, we provide not just representation but a great support network and resources to help parents. Reach out to us to explore more about our services and how we can help your baby shine.

Casting for Kids: Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Audition Process

casting for kids

As a parent of a child interested in modelling, the audition process can be a nerve-wracking experience for both you and your child. It’s important to remember that auditions are a learning experience and an opportunity for your child to showcase their skills. However, there are some common mistakes parents make during the casting for kids audition process that can negatively impact their child’s chances of success. Here are five common mistakes to avoid during the audition process.

Arriving late

Arriving late to an audition not only shows a lack of respect for the casting director’s time but can also throw off your child’s mental state before they even begin. It’s important to arrive on time or even a few minutes early to allow your child to mentally prepare for the audition. If you do arrive late, don’t rush your child. Take a few deep breaths and try to calm them down before they enter the audition room.

Over-preparing your child

While it’s important to practice and prepare for the audition, over-preparing your child can have negative consequences. Over-rehearsing can lead to a robotic performance that lacks authenticity. Encourage your child to be themselves and have fun during the audition. This will give them the best chance of standing out in the crowd.

Failing to read the brief

Reading the brief is crucial before attending any audition. IF you don’t, it can lead to your child showing up in the wrong outfit or with the wrong props. It’s important to follow the brief closely to give your child the best chance of success. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to contact the casting director for clarification.

Not letting your child speak for themselves

You want to support your child during the audition process, but it’s also important to allow them to speak for themselves. Encourage your child to introduce themselves and answer questions asked by the casting director. This shows confidence and independence, two traits that casting directors are looking for in young talent.

Signing with an unsupportive acting agency

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent of a child interested in modelling is choosing an agency. It’s important to do your research and choose a reputable agency that has your child’s best interests at heart. Beware of agencies that make unrealistic promises. A reputable agency such as Casting Kids has a strong track record of success in the industry.

Looking for help with casting for kids?

Casting Kids is a modelling agency that represents talented young models in Australia. Our team of industry experts is dedicated to providing the best possible opportunities for our young talent. We are committed to ensuring that our models and their families are treated with respect and professionalism. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your child achieve their modelling dreams.

How to Beat Nerves Before Auditions in Melbourne

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If your child is getting ready to audition for an acting or modelling job, they’ll likely feel some nerves before the big day. But don’t worry, nerves are common among actors at all levels and it’s important to understand how to deal with them before your audition. The best way to get rid of or manage those nerves? Practice and preparation! These tips below can help you and your child get ready for auditions in Melbourne.

Get plenty of rest the night before

To reduce your chances of being nervous, it’s important to get plenty of sleep. How much sleep is enough? That depends on the individual. But generally speaking, we all need at least six hours in order to function at our best and feel rested.

Getting ready for bed may seem like a chore when you have an audition coming up in the morning, but good pre-sleep habits will help ensure a good night’s rest. Try to eat well the night before, and set aside some time before bed to just relax and take it easy. This will make it easier to fall asleep and get the required rest before the audition.

Practice makes perfect for auditions in Melbourne

One of the best ways to overcome your nerves is to practice. Practice in front of a mirror, practice in front of a friend or family member, or even record yourself and watch it back so that you can see how you did. Note: If your child is younger, they will likely need a lot of help when practising, so be prepared to give them a hand.

Even if there are no lines or scripts to learn, your child can always practice performing in some way. Whether it’s singing, dancing, or simply acting like the character they’re auditioning for, every little bit of practice can help.

Be aware of nerves and practice dealing with them

Firstly, it’s important to understand that nerves are perfectly normal.  Nobody gets cast in any role without feeling some kind of anxiety beforehand. So, don’t let nerves overtake your thinking. Accept them, and find some ways to address them. Younger children might not use tools like meditation or self-talk, but it can definitely help older children and teens.

Deep breathing can be a massive help, and you also shouldn’t put too much importance on the result. Missing one job doesn’t mean you’ll never work. Just be yourself, try to remain calm, and just focus on what you need to do, rather than the fact that people are watching.

Looking for auditions in Melbourne?

We provide children’s acting and modelling auditions to anyone from ages 6 months up to 16. In that time, we’ve learned how to truly help our kids achieve success at auditions in Melbourne. We’ve also built up an impressive list of quality, trusted clients we’re comfortable with. If you’re looking for reputable children’s agents in Melbourne, look no further. We’d love to have a chat about your child’s future in acting or modelling, so please contact us today.

Preparing for Acting Auditions: A Guide

acting auditions

If your child is starting a career in acting, one certainty is the need to attend auditions. Casting directors typically hold auditions for all types of acting jobs, because they need to see how potential actors take direction, how their personality radiates on screen and much more. Assuming your child is enthusiastic about acting, they’re probably no stranger to performing in front of people. But singing and dancing for family and friends is a lot different than attending acting auditions.

This guide will give you some tips on how to help your child prepare for auditions.

Different ages

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that the requirements for acting auditions will naturally vary depending on the child’s age. For babies and toddlers, they naturally won’t be speaking lines or even following any complex directions. However, as children get older, the expectations are a little higher.

For the purpose of the tips below, we’re going to assume your child is above the age of 6, and therefore should be able to take some direction and speak in front of people with confidence.

Getting the look

As much as we’re told that appearance isn’t everything, in the acting world there are certain standards to be met. For child actors it’s not always about facial features or beauty, but rather about having a look that suits a certain role.

Generally, you’ll be given some information before the audition, specifically about the role and what the directors are looking for. All auditions are different, of course, but if you do get some valuable ‘character’ information, it’s best to use it.

For example, if the job calls for a child to be playing on the beach, you’ll want your child to dress in beach-appropriate clothes. It’s more about overall appearance than just physical characteristics.

Learning lines

It really depends on the type of acting role as to whether your child will be required to perform lines. However, even if it’s a commercial with no speaking role, the directors may still want to see your child perform a line or two. This helps them assess suitability and of course, the ability to take direction.

So, if you’re given any lines before the audition, make sure your child practices them. In these cases, it’s best to make the practice a lot of fun. Help your child learn the lines, but also let their own personality shine through. This is what directors are usually looking for.

Practice acting auditions

Like anything in life, preparation for acting auditions is crucial. It may seem like overkill, especially when children are concerned, but why not make the entire process fun by holding a mock audition at home? You can play the role of casting director and your child can perform as instructed. It’s a bit of fun for them, but it also helps with any nerves they might experience when the real audition comes along.

Looking for acting auditions for kids?

If you’d like to discuss the first steps in your child’s acting career, Casting Kids is here to help. We represent children from ages 0 to 16, and we’re a fully inclusive casting agency. Contact us today to find out more.

Types of Auditions for Kids in Melbourne

auditions for kids melbourne

Has your child been bitten by the acting or modelling bug? Kids often love performing, and it’s often a great sign that they would enjoy acting, modelling or the performing arts. However, trying to find auditions for kids in Melbourne can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The best way to access more acting and modelling auditions is with representation. A children’s talent agency will help you and your child navigate the tricky entertainment industry. But what sorts of auditions are actually available? Let’s look at some common ones.


TV commercials often feature children. However, advertisements today aren’t just for TV. Thanks to the digital revolution, commercials are everywhere online. Roles for kids in advertising campaigns certainly aren’t limited to children’s products. You’ll probably recognise plenty of popular advertising campaigns for cars, holidays, food products and a whole lot more featuring kids in prominent roles.

The type of audition will vary depending on the age requirement. For example, if it were a commercial for nappies, the casting director typically wants a baby. Usually, they’ll just be looking for a certain temperament because obviously babies haven’t quite developed their acting chops yet.

Roles for older kids or teens require a more intense audition process. They may be required to dress a certain way or deliver some lines, so it’s all about preparation.


Children’s modelling takes many different forms. Think about the enormous range of advertising in the modern world, such as magazines, catalogues, newspapers, websites, social media and more. Because there is so much variety in advertising, that means there’s a huge variety of modelling roles for kids.

When attending a modelling audition, children need to show a good temperament. But older kids will also need to take some direction in terms of their movement and posing. This gets easier with experience, but it never hurts to help your child practice before an audition. Best of all, the practice isn’t hard, because most children love playing dress-ups!

TV and movies

Many TV shows and movies require child actors. Whether it’s a significant role or not, these spots are always pretty hotly contested. It’s a great way to get children into the industry and give them more experience.

When you attend these auditions for kids in Melbourne, there will likely be some quite experienced performers there. So, again, preparation is the key. Roles for older children will almost certainly require some speaking too, so you’ll need to help your youngsters practice their lines.

Want more auditions for kids in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for high-quality acting and modelling representation for your child, look no further than Casting Kids. We represent children from 0-16, and we’re a fully inclusive agency. This means we represent children of all abilities. With a packed client list including some of Australia’s biggest retailers, we offer plenty of opportunities for our kids to strut their stuff in front of casting directors. Whether it’s acting or modelling, we’re here to support your child’s career. Contact us today to find out more.

Auditions for Kids: How to Prepare

acting auditions melbourne

So, you’ve got your child a casting agent and audition offers are rolling in. But how can you help them prepare? Here are some ideas you can use when getting ready for auditions for kids.

Understand the role

Firstly, it’s important that you understand the role your child is auditioning for. This is where your referring casting agency should be able to give you plenty of information. It might be as simple as understanding that the job is for a clothing commercial or modelling for a camping goods store. Whatever the role is, you’ll be able to plan better if you know the details.

Don’t worry about getting everything absolutely perfect for an audition. Casting directors understand that you don’t have all the details for the job. But with a general idea, you can at least plan accordingly, such as getting the right clothing.

Help your kids with clothing choices

Speaking of clothing, try to make an effort for auditions. We’ve heard stories of parents who make unique outfits for every single audition. You don’t’ need to go that far, but any effort in this area is obviously appreciated by directors. For example, if you know that the ad is going to feature some cute kids dressed in suits, that’s what you should wear.

If you know the commercial will feature kids outside playing in the sun, make sure they’re wearing trendy kid’s summer fashion. It’s not a make-or-break scenario, but any way that you can stand out to the director is a good thing.

Practice with your kids

If your agency has given you any special details for an audition, for example, some lines, make sure you help them practice. This is where kids who are interested in acting and modelling really need some family support. It’s hard to practice reading lines alone, especially for kids.

So, put aside some time before the audition and help your kids run through the lines. Not only will you be able to give them some pointers, but the practice will give them a confidence boost on audition day.

Reinforce an element of fun rather than pressure

Most importantly, auditions for kids should always be fun. Even if your child is determined to make acting their career from a young age, you should never overburden them with pressure. There will be other auditions, and they need to learn that missing out on jobs is just part of life.

The added benefit here is that kids who are stressed often don’t perform well at auditions. When they’re relaxed and having fun, the casting director gets a much better idea of their personality.

Need help getting auditions for kids?

Casting Kids has been in business for over 16 years. We’ve helped countless children get their break in acting or modelling. Our client list is constantly growing, meaning we have more and more opportunities for child actors. If you’d like to know more, click the button below and contact us for registration. We meet all of our kids and their parents before registration, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.