If you’ve thought about getting your children into modelling, then congratulations! Of course, everybody thinks their child is adorable, but if you really think they’ve got the right look and demeanour for modelling, there’s no time like the present. It can be a really rewarding opportunity for kids, and also great for their confidence. But you’re probably wondering exactly what sort of jobs are out there for modelling kids in Melbourne.

There’s actually a whole heap of jobs out there, but you may need the help of a child modelling agency in order to find them. Understanding the different types of modelling gigs is also important, so you know exactly what your child may need to do. Here’s a brief rundown of the types of modelling jobs kids in Melbourne might get.

Small business catalogue and website modelling

In all careers, very few people come from nowhere and land in the top jobs. The same goes for modelling, because everybody has to start somewhere. Smaller businesses may not have the budget and production scale of their larger competitors, but they still advertise.

Every website that sells clothing, toys and basically anything else needs child models from time to time. Jobs like this can be a great foot in the door and excellent for experience.

Larger business marketing campaigns

As we know, the bigger brands tend to have more money for their marketing campaigns that stretch across web, television, print media and catalogues. The scale of marketing is a bit bigger and more professional, so modelling kids in Melbourne may need some experience for these gigs.

Although physical catalogues are a bit of a dying medium, they are still used by larger companies. The biggest brands frequently send out catalogues to promote sales and special deals, and they all need models.

Television advertisement modelling

Not to be confused with acting, certain types of television commercials use child models rather than actors. You’ve probably seen the ads that basically just show kids wearing branded clothing, usually with a plain white background. It’s a little bit different in terms of production, but ultimately the kids are usually just playing around happily, modelling clothing or other items. Again, this will usually be the bigger brands and department stores rather than small retailers.

Fashion modelling for kids in Melbourne

Fashion modelling for kids in Melbourne does still exist, however it’s not as frequent as other modelling. When most of us think of fashion modelling, we picture glamorous fashion shows and runways for adult clothing. But on the odd occasion there’s a child’s equivalent, so keep an eye out if you think you’ve got the next runway king or queen!

The best agency to help with modelling for kids in Melbourne

At Casting Kids, we represent children from 6 months to 16 years. We treat all of our kids with the utmost respect and work hard get them in front of casting directors for our many clients. Our clients range from smaller businesses through to leading department stores and brands. To find out more, contact us today.

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