When children show an interest in acting or modelling, it can be hard to know where to start as a parent. The best way to get going is with a kids talent agency in Melbourne, but how do you know if your child is ready? We’ve put together a few helpful pointers, because we believe all parents should be informed before joining a kids talent agency.

Make sure they really want to join a kids talent agency in Melbourne

It’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes, parents may nudge children towards something they don’t really want to do. Kids acting and modelling is a great way to earn some money, and this can influence some parents. Furthermore, it’s not always with bad intentions. Parents just want their kids to do something fun and express themselves.

However, this can sometimes result in registering with a kids talent agency in Melbourne when the child doesn’t really want to. Not all kids want to do acting or modelling in a more professional setting, and that’s certainly ok! If your little ones are happier dancing around the living room and performing for the family, the main thing is that they’re happy.

Does your child have a flair for performing?

When considering acting or modelling for your child, it’s important to consider if they have that flair. Some kids out there are quiet and more reserved, and there’s no problem with that! All kids are different, and that’s what makes each of them so great.

While many casting agencies are kind and compassionate, it is still a business. So, if your child doesn’t have that certain flair or attitude for acting and modelling, an agency may choose not to represent them. It’s important to consider this first, because it can be disheartening for kids.

If you’ve got a shy child who does want to express themselves a little more, it’s worth trying to enrol them in some classes first. It might be dance, or drama, or even sports where they can let their personalities out. These are much better ways to test the waters, rather than throw them straight into professional acting.

Don’t put pressure on your child

Most importantly, don’t put your child under pressure. Talk with them, and explain what a kids casting agency does. If they sound excited, that’s certainly a good sign. But if they don’t, that’s totally ok too.

This goes for your first meeting with the casting agency, and in fact any subsequent auditions. Kids should know that it’s supposed to be fun, and they’re allowed to be themselves and enjoy it.

Find the best kids talent agency in Melbourne

At Casting Kids, we’ve got a reputation for being professional and kind. While we don’t represent every child, we certainly do meet with all aspiring actors and models. We promote diversity and inclusion, representing children of all abilities. If you’d like to find out more about the best kids talent agency Melbourne has to offer, contact us today at Casting Kids.

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