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A Child Agency Melbourne Parents Can Trust

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Is your child interested in acting or modelling but you don’t know where to start? That’s perfectly normal! Even seasoned professionals struggle to find their way through the entertainment industry. So, that’s where we come in. Casting Kids is a professional child agency in Melbourne, helping children and parents to navigate a new industry.

Here’s what sets us apart from the crowd.

Representing children of all ages

We represent kids of all ages, starting at 6 months old, right through to 16 years. Our clients are always looking for a variety of ages, from babies to infants to toddlers and also teens. We don’t focus on one specific age group, because we believe every child needs quality representation, regardless of age.

A strong client base

We’ve got an impressive client base who contact us regularly for referrals. We maintain this because we respond our clients’ requests and meet their needs. It’s also why we offer a great selection of jobs. Everything from catalogue modelling through to TV show appearances, we’ve got it all. So, if its variety you’re after, we can deliver.

Honest, transparent communication

Our communications with you and your child are always honest and transparent. Right from our first meeting, we’ll be upfront with you about opportunities. In fact, we don’t even sign everybody who walks through the door. So, if we genuinely don’t think we can help your child find work, we won’t take your money.

That’s why we work on an annual registration basis. Agencies who work on percentage commissions have no incentive to represent their entire roster of children. By charging annual registration fees, we also commit to working hard for every child on our books.

A child agency in Melbourne who cares

We don’t just refer kids to auditions and sit around waiting. We also show genuine care for our kids and parents. If you’ve got questions or concerns at any time, we’re always here for you. We’re even happy to provide advice and tips on how to get through auditions.

We represent children of all abilities

We’re passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. That’s why we won’t discriminate on any basis. We represent kids of all abilities, including Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and limb differences. If a child is passionate about acting or modelling and has the right personality traits, we’d love to work with them!

Looking for the best child agency in Melbourne?

Here at Casting Kids, we take our job seriously. It’s not just about keeping our clients happy. Its also not just about finding jobs for our kids. It’s both of those things, but it’s also about showing genuine care and compassion in everything we do. The acting and modelling world can be difficult to navigate, whether you’re an experienced actor or just starting out. So, we’re here to help guide you through the process.

We love what we do, and we’d love for you and your family to be a part of it! To find out how we can help kickstart your child’s acting and modelling career, contact us today.

Advice to Succeed in Auditions for Kids

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So, you’ve signed up with a casting agency and your child is excited about the prospect of doing some acting or modelling. But how about the next step? The audition process can be daunting, especially for first-timers. So, how do you get your child ready to smash that audition out of the park and charm the socks off the director? Here’s some useful tips!

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Preparation is the key to most things in life. It’s especially true for auditions for kids! Firstly, it’s important to understand the role. This is more particular for acting, but even modelling, you’d want to know what kind of photo shoots are occurring. For acting, if it’s a particular role your child is going for, help them understand that role.

You can talk it through with them and even help them practice. Let them have some fun with the character, and if there’s lines, you definitely want to help them practice those. It just makes it so much easier when the audition comes around.

Be yourself

Although being in character is important, in most auditions for kids, the director is looking for personality. So, tell your kids it’s ok to be themselves. Let their personality shine through during the audition, and you never what it might lead to. Even if the director doesn’t think your child is right for one role, they may have something else that’s perfect for them.

Choosing the right age roles to audition for

When deciding which auditions to attend, pay attention to the age range. Some casting calls may require a certain age-range, and that’s fine. But others may simply state they need someone to play a 12-year-old female character, for example. If your daughter is 14 or 15 but they look young, there’s no reason not to audition. It’s very common for actors to play younger roles, and directors also love it. They get a slightly more mature actor, potentially a more skilled actor, without compromising the actual role itself.

Remember to keep auditions for kids fun

One of the most important things you can do to help your child prepare is to keep it fun. Auditions for kids are usually a pretty fun experience, and you don’t want them getting too nervous. Keep it light, don’t put pressure on them, and treat it as the fun experience it should be.

Clothing advice for auditions

Clothing is important when attending auditions for kids. Some auditions might ask for a specific style of clothing, while others are open to interpretation. Even if a clothing requirement isn’t specified, it doesn’t hurt to try and match what you think the character would look like. We don’t recommend you go overboard buying clothes for every audition, but if your child is going for a particular role, it certainly doesn’t hurt to look the part.

The best auditions for kids

At Casting Kids, we represent children from 6 months to 16 years. If your child is interested in acting or modelling, we’d love to hear from you. With a strong client base and regular opportunities, we know we can represent your child the right way. find out more, contact us today.

The Advantages of Using Kids Talent Agencies

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Do you have a child interested in acting or modelling? Many kids are natural born performers, and as parents we’ve got an opportunity to encourage that. That may lead you to consider getting your child into the entertainment industry. It’s a great platform for a future career, but it’s also great for confidence and growing their life skills.

Not all kid’s talent agencies are created equal, but here at Casting Kids we represent children from 6 months to 16 years old. So, here’s exactly why we think you can get an advantage from using kid’s talent agencies.

Professional representation

Firstly, you get professional representation. Often that includes photoshoots which provide a great marketing tool. It also includes access to a networking website, where your child’s bio can be kept and easily distributed to clients who are looking for talent. But most of all, there’s someone genuinely in your corner.

Navigating the entertainment industry can be tricky, so it’s helpful to have someone you can rely on. Kid’s talent agencies are there to support you, offer advice and give direction. It sure beats doing everything by yourself.

Kids talent agencies can book auditions

The obvious advantage you get from signing with a talent agency is access to auditions. Many bigger clients don’t bother advertising for talent. They have trusted agents they use, meaning your only way into these auditions is often through an agency.

When a client contacts your agent for potential candidates, there’s a chance your child will be referred. If the director or client likes your child’s profile, you could find an audition is just around the corner. The alternative, of course, is scouring the internet and social media for opportunities, which is often a minefield of unprofessional operations.

Advice and help preparing for auditions

In addition to actually booking auditions for your child, a talent agent can help you prepare for the process. Most kid’s talent agencies understand that parents and kids who are new to the industry need a little help. It’s hard to know what to expect from auditions, so having an industry professional to offer advice is invaluable. So, you don’t just get auditions. You also get a better chance at nailing them.

Are all kids talent agencies the same?

Unfortunately, no. Like any industry, there are outliers in the kid’s talent agency field. Some only refer a select few kids to jobs but happily take your annual fees. Some don’t offer the support you need, and others simply don’t have good clients.

The benefit of a reputable agency is access to good jobs, and more certainty around payments, and this isn’t something all agencies offer.

The best kid’s talent agency in Melbourne!

We’ve got a reputation for professional, reliable and honest representation. That’s why the kids and families we represent love working with us. Our clients also know we run a professional agency, giving them the confidence to seek us out for candidates. For kid’s talent agencies you can trust, contact us today at Casting Kids.

Casting For Kids: What’s Involved?

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Many parents out there have probably thought about getting their sone or daughter involved in acting and modelling. Children love being the centre of attention, and some show more enthusiasm for performing than others. So, if you’ve got a youngster who has some flair and interest in performing, acting and modelling could be just the thing for them.

But how do you actually get children involved? Of course, they can get into drama at school, or even externally take some classes. But to actually get them into the industry, you’ll need to explore casting for kids. That’s the way they can really get their break, so here’s what you need to know.

Choosing a reputable child talent agency

Firstly, you need to seek out a reputable casting agency. Much like us here at Casting Kids, there are agencies who specialises in representing children and babies. However, as parents you naturally want to make sure your children are protected. That means finding an agency with a good reputation.

When choosing a casting agency, look for ones who show genuine care for their kids, and also ones who have a range of good clients.

Casting for kids: Meeting your casting agent

Once you’ve chosen a casting agent, you’ll attend a first meeting. This is usually so the agent can learn more about your child and your family. You’ll talk about goals, expectations, and the agent will decide whether they’d like to offer registration to your child.

Good casting agencies don’t register every child, because they want to be sure they can find work for the kids. A reputable agent will be honest and tell you if they’re not confident finding work for your child.

Referrals to casting directors

The next step is a referral to casting directors. This is where a company puts the call out to casting agencies, seeking suitable kids to audition. If your child fits a particular job, your agent will let you know that an audition will be coming up.

This referral process usually happens behind the scenes, and you might not be notified of every single referral. This is because ultimately the client has the final say on who they’d like to see. This is another reason you want to have confidence that your agency is truly representing your child well.

Attending auditions

If your child is lucky enough to be selected for an audition, that’s where the preparation begins. You’ll be given information about the client, the job and what’s expected at audition. Casting for kids is a fun process, and it’s important you and your child are relaxed. Generally, directors want to see your child’s personality shine. So, while there’s certainly a need to remember lines and be familiar with characters in some instances, mostly, it’s all about having fun.

Want the best casting for kids in Melbourne?

Here at Casting Kids, we represent children of all abilities from ages 6 months through to 16 years. Contact us at any time if you have questions, or to find out more about what we do here at Casting Kids.

How Much do Casting Agents in Melbourne Charge?

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It’s no secret that a lot of children love performing and being the centre of attention. Some of them even want to pursue careers like acting or modelling from an early age. That’s where casting agents in Melbourne come in.

Casting agents are responsible for representing your child to prospective clients looking for actors and models. The jobs could range from modelling products for websites through to appearing in movies and TV series. It’s difficult to get auditions unless you have representation, but there’s always one question people ask.

How much do casting agents charge?

Types of agent fees

Firstly, it’s important to understand there are usually two types of fees. Each have their pros and cons, and we’ll discuss in more detail below.


Annual registration fees are the preferred option, and it’s certainly how we do things here at Casting Kids. It’s usually the more selective casting agents who charge an annual fee. This means, children’s agencies who won’t just sign any child with a promise of jobs.

When charging an annual fee, agencies are more inclined to actively represent every child in the agency. This is because their main source of income is registrations, and in order to keep parents happy, they need to show they’re actually doing something for the kids.

Our annual registration fee for representation is $395.


Another fee structure is by percentage. Meaning, there’s no fee to register, but the agency takes a percentage of any money earned by the child. The reason we don’t like this structure, is there’s very little incentive for agencies to represent all their kids. They get paid no matter who gets the job. While it’s not costing the unsuccessful kids any money, it does give them a false sense of hope that they’re being recommended for jobs when perhaps they’re not.

What to expect from casting agents in Melbourne

As part of an annual registration, you should expect the following things from your children’s agency.

  • 12 months exclusive representation
  • A professional photographic session
  • Comp card
  • Profile on Casting Networks
  • Access to the Casting Kids password protected website

If you’re not getting this sort of value, it’s time to look elsewhere for proper representation!

Always ask questions before signing

Finally, always ask questions before signing any sort of representation contract. Make sure you’re comfortable that the agent is actually going to refer your child for jobs. Ask who their big clients are. You’re entitled to ask as many questions as you like before signing an agreement, so make sure you’re completely happy with what the agency offers.

Want the best casting agents in Melbourne?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing casting agents in Melbourne. Your children are the most important thing in the world, so you always want to ensure their safety and security. That’s why it’s essential to choose a reputable casting agent like Casting Kids.  Contact us today if you want the right agency to represent your child’s acting and modelling career.

What to Expect from a Child Agency in Melbourne

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Whether it’s the acting bug that’s bitten your child or they want to get involved in modelling, you’ll need the help of a child agency in Melbourne. Agencies are there to help guide your child’s acting and modelling journey. However, not all agencies offer the great service you’d expect, so here are a few things you should know.

This is the bare minimum you should expect from any child agency in Melbourne. Before signing anything, make sure you’re getting value for money.

Meeting you and your child

Before anything else, your child agency should express an interest in getting to know you and your child. Unfortunately, acting and modelling isn’t for everyone, and a good agency will be a little selective in who they choose to register. This is because they don’t want to take your registration money if they don’t genuinely believe they can find work for your child.

Some agencies will gladly take your registration fees and send your child on auditions they’re unlikely to win. Reputable agencies don’t do this.

Professional photos and network listings

Most child agencies provide a professional photo shoot for your child to help get them started. This gives them something great for their portfolio, and also helps the agency represent your child to clients.

They will also provide a profile on relevant network websites. This might be internal for just their own clients, or external for outside marketing. Make sure you’re getting this type of professional service, because it shows good representation practices.

A child agency in Melbourne represents your child

Ultimately, once the formalities are out of the way, a child agency in Melbourne is there to represent your child. This usually means a client contacts the agency with a role, and asks for referrals. The agency scours their database and send suitable children’s profiles to the client. The client then chooses who they’d like to see for an audition, and your agency facilitates this.

Alternatively, many clients trust their agency to just send the right people. In this case, the agency selects the children and arranges auditions for them. It’s all about promoting your child in the most positive light, and giving them the best opportunities to succeed.

Advice for all things casting

In addition to the basic services you’d expect from a child agency in Melbourne, there’s one extra. Advice! Navigating the world of child acting and modelling can be difficult for people outside the industry. So, you should always feel comfortable asking your agency for advice.

Always choose a reputable child agency in Melbourne

Casting Kids has developed a great reputation over a number of years. We represent children from 6 months to 16 years, and have a strong focus on diversity. Casting Kids actively promotes children of all abilities, and clients trust us to deliver well-prepared, fun-loving child actors and models.

We pride ourselves on working hard to represent our kids, just like a god child agency Melbourne should. To find out more, contact us today at Casting Kids. Parents, children and clients all love our personalised, friendly and also professional service.

Tips for Kids Casting in Melbourne

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If your child is interested in acting or modelling, you’ll need to learn a little about kids casting in Melbourne and auditions. Kids can have a lot of fun with acting roles, and also with modelling. But it can also be a competitive industry, so we’re giving you some tips to help your child get the most out of their performance pursuits!

Make sure your kids really want to try acting or modelling

Firstly, it’s really important that you speak to your kids about acting and modelling. They may see actors on the TV and want to be just like them, but they need to know it’s also hard work. Going to casting sessions or auditions is stressful. They’ll need to learn lines, need to follow direction. It’s not all fun like it may be in a primary school play.

Also, don’t try to push kids into acting or modelling. If they don’t really enjoy it, that will show in auditions. For kids who love acting, it can be a whole heap of fun. For those who are nervous and not confident, it can be an upsetting experience.

Find a reputable agency for kids casting in Melbourne

Once you’re certain that your child is keen to give acting or modelling a try, find a reputable child agency. Look for agencies who have a good client list, and be open-minded about everything they offer. Quality agencies for kids casting in Melbourne will schedule a meeting where you can ask any questions. The first meeting is all about getting to know you and your child, but it’s also a chance for you to do your research. If you don’t feel comfortable, there’s no need to pursue that agency any further.

Prepare for each casting session

Now, for the tips that can help your child perform well at casting and auditions! Really, the key is in the preparation. Every audition is different, so you’ll need to be prepared to help your child get ready. Some will give you some lines to learn in advance. Others are more free-flowing and just want a sense of your child’s personality.

If an audition does include lines, kids who memorise their lines and deliver them confidently usually do well. You can also help them imagine what their character is like, and help them practice delivering the lines in character.

Dress for the part

Dressing appropriately is also crucial to success at auditions. You don’t need to have a full costume supply at home, but choosing outfits that suit the role is important. It definitely pays to have a nice range of clothes, such as casual, formal, beachwear – all the types of clothes kids would wear in everyday life.

Looking for the best kids casting in Melbourne?

Casting Kids represents children from 6 months to 16 years-old. We embrace diversity, and promote our children to a range of respected companies. We can help you get to those elusive casting sessions, and then it’s your time to shine! To find out more, contact us today.

How to Get Your Child Into Performing Arts

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Do you have a budding Oscar winner in your household? What about someone who wants to tread the boards on Broadway when they’re older. Maybe you’ve got the next pop music superstar under your roof. There are so many kids out there with huge personalities and love being the centre of attention. It could just be that they’ve got a career in the performing arts. But before you sign them up to kids talent agencies in Melbourne, there’s a few other things you can try.

Of course, navigating the world of acting, modelling and performing can be a little scary for parents. Especially if you don’t know where to turn. So, to make things a little easier, we’ve got some tips on how to get your children into performing arts.

Speak to your children’s school

Drama is always a big part of school life, because the creative side of children should always be encouraged. Even as part of their regular schooling, most children will be exposed to music, dance, public speaking, choir and drama. Most schools put on some kind of annual performance, and they even have smaller shows as part of special events.

If your child shows a knack for performing, have a chat to the school and find out what sort of opportunities are available.

Look for local performing and drama classes

Quite often, it’s a matter of learning to crawl before they can walk. Not all children can just walk onto a movie set or be the star of the school play. It takes a bit of work, and that’s why classes are great for kids of all ages. Kids talent agencies in Melbourne love hearing that your son or daughter already has some experience, so classes can be great for their ‘resume’.

The type of class all depends on your child’s interests, because some love dancing, others love singing and some want to be actors. Find the best class for their needs, and help them get started the right way.

Find kids talent agencies in Melbourne

Finally, if you feel like your child is ready to take on some paid acting or modelling work, you’ll need the best kids talent agencies in Melbourne on your side. Agencies represent your child, which means putting them forward for auditions and actively promoting them to clients. It’s a great way to get some real-life experience if they love acting or modelling. Plus, if they start getting work, a little extra money never hurts!

Looking for kid’s extra casting?

At Casting Kids, we represent children from 6 months to 16 years, and our main focus is finding perfect roles for our kids. We’ve got several trusted clients who rely on us to send our awesome kids along to auditions, so that’s what we do. We take our responsibility seriously as one of the leading kids talent agencies in Melbourne. If you’d like some help getting your child into acting or modelling, contact us today.

Can You Get Auditions Without Children’s Agents in Melbourne?

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Looking for children’s acting and modelling auditions, but don’t know where to turn? Let’s look at whether you need children’s agents in Melbourne to find your child some work.

What do children’s agents in Melbourne do?

Children’s agents in Melbourne serve as a conduit between aspiring young actors and models, and the clients who want to hire them. All agencies are different, but here at Casting Kids we only register the children we genuinely think we can find work for. That gives us the best chance of keeping all of our kids happy by providing real opportunities.

Clients put the call out to their trusted agencies, who refer their best talent for jobs.

The question is, do you really need an agency? While there are certainly other ways to break into acting and modelling, we believe parents need to consider those avenues very carefully. Here’s why.

Safety and security at auditions

While you certainly can answer an advertisement online looking for child actors or models, we would advise to tread very carefully. Your child’s safety and security should always be the number-one consideration. When dealing with an agency, you can usually be assured the clients are legitimate and professional. When answering classified ads, you really have no idea what kind of situation you could be walking into.

The best clients use children’s agents in Melbourne

Acting and modelling is a little different to other jobs. While we don’t want to paint a negative picture of the industry, there’s a big difference between a reliable client and those with less experience. Simply, if your child is selected for an acting or modelling job, you want to know they’ll get paid. You don’t want amateur clients who promise payment ‘if and when this or that happens’.

Usually, the best clients who have their business in order use children’s agents in Melbourne. By working with clients your agency has already vetted, you have peace of mind that it will be a professional operation.

Casting directors prefer kids from an agency

One of the main reasons you should consider children’s agents in Melbourne is reputation. When casting directors put a call out for auditions, they’re more likely to give preference to children who come from an agency. That’s because they don’t have time to waste auditioning every child who wants to be an actor or model.

Children’s agents in Melbourne have a good reputation for referring children who are suitable a particular role. Think of it like the casting agency doing the shortlisting so directors don’t have to. For that reason, they’re much more inclined to hire from an agency rather than ‘off the street’.

Finding reputable children’s agents in Melbourne

Casting Kids has spent several years in the entertainment industry, helping kids of all abilities from age 6 months to 16. In that time, we’ve learned how to truly help our kids achieve success at auditions. We’ve also built up an impressive list of quality, trusted clients we’re comfortable with. If you’re looking for reputable children’s agents in Melbourne, look no further. We’d love to have a chat about your child’s future in acting or modelling, so please contact us today.

Tips to Ace Casting for TV

casting for TV

Do your children dream of having their name up in lights on TV? Believe it or not, there are plenty of pathways for children to carve out a career in acting, and it doesn’t mean they have to go on reality TV! However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for kids is the audition. Casting for TV isn’t as easy as it sounds, because it’s a lot more involved than say a modelling shoot, or even advertising auditions.

If you want to help your kids bring their best selves to casting for TV, here are some tips to give them confidence.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Much like everything in life, preparation is the key to getting noticed during casting for TV shows. Most television roles will have a speaking component, which means you’ll be given some lines before the audition. If your child doesn’t quite get the lines right, it’s not the end of the world. But if they can nail it, they give themselves a great chance of winning a role.

We always recommend talking to your kids about the character they’re auditioning for. If you can get them in the mindset of that character, they’ll be able to shine during casting. Kids are exceptionally good at playing roles and having fun with characters, so don’t be afraid to encourage their creativity.

Dress for the part

Casting for TV doesn’t involve full costumes, but there’s an expectation your children will dress appropriately for the part. If the role is for a child living in a country town, don’t have them dress in their Sunday best. Likewise, if the role was for a science fiction film, be creative. You’re not expected to spend hours making alien costumes, but finding something a little out of the ordinary is a great touch.

Again, creativity is the key, and it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Just consider the role, and dress your child the way you think the character would dress.

Keep casting sessions fun and don’t stress

It might be easier said than done when children are so excited at the prospect of getting a role. But if they’re getting stressed and anxious, they won’t perform as well during casting for TV. Try and keep everything light-hearted and easy on the day. If your child is happy and relaxed, they can really show the casting directors their best side.

Acting skill beats looks every time

Finally, don’t let your children be too concerned about looks. There’s a misconception that ‘showbusiness’ is all about looks, but that’s not really the case. Many of the world’s greatest actors are hardly oil paintings. Encourage your child to focus on their acting skills, memorising lines, and give them the confidence to be themselves.

Do you want casting for TV in Melbourne?

Casting Kids represents children from 6 months to 16 years-old. We embrace diversity, and promote our children to a range of respected companies. We can help you get to those elusive casting sessions, and then it’s your time to shine! To find out more, contact us today.