Casting for teens is often a totally different process than say, casting for babies or younger children. Essentially, more is expected of teens, and the roles they audition for are likely to be more involved. Whether it’s learning lines, working with costumes and other actors, or simply adopting more of a character-based role, it’s important that teens know what’s expected of them. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons casting for teens can be a lot different than what they have experienced as younger children.

It’s difficult to find a good teen actor

Firstly, when casting for teens, directors need to take into account that the actor’s schedule might be busier. They may be in school or working. They could also have sports or other extracurricular activities they need to attend to. Because of this, it can be difficult to find good teen actors who are available on the days and times you need them.

All this really means is that you might find there is less competition for teen roles. Actors might not be available, or they may even step away from acting after trying it as a kid. With that being said, auditions aren’t a walk in the park, and there will still be plenty of competition for good roles.

Teens are more capable of taking direction

One of the key differences between kids’ casting and teens’ casting is the fact that teens are more capable of taking direction and listening to the director. Second, they may need to be more collaborative with other actors, or work with props and costumes. This is not always the case when casting younger children, but there is a little more expected of teens. The great thing is, teens are still encouraged to show their personality and express themselves during auditions.

Casting for teens is more likely to involve learning lines

As we mentioned above, teens are more capable of learning and reciting lines, so there is more expected of them during an audition. It really depends on the role, because not every acting job involves a speaking role. However, most of them do, so your teen will need to be prepared to learn lines before an audition.

In some cases, they may only be given lines on the day, so if they area skilled at reading lines and memorising them quickly, they will have a big advantage over other aspiring actors. This is a skill you should definitely encourage your child or teen to pursue.

Need help with casting for teens?

Casting for teens is a bit different than casting for younger children. It’s more likely that you’ll need to learn lines and take direction, which can be difficult for some teens. We’ve been casting for teens and children in the Melbourne area for years and have developed a strong reputation. If your child wants excellent representation in the entertainment industry, contact us today.

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