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Casting for TV: What do Directors Look For?

casting for tv

When casting for TV, there are some key attributes directors are looking for in their ideal child actors. Television roles, when attached to a successful program, enable your child to have reliable, consistent work for an extended period of time. Depending on their character’s storyline, this can mean many years of ongoing employment. (Think Kate Ritchie as Sally Fletcher in Home & Away). But landing this type of role can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so your child needs to have the range and versatility to play a number of different characters at the drop of a hat.

These tips should assist in audition preparation, and help your child stand out and secure work in television.


Character work in TV requires your child to stay on their toes and be adaptable to new situations. Depending on the role, time spent working on the same set can be finite and means your child is jumping from one character to another in very short succession. Therefore, the ability to immerse themselves in a new role quickly is vital to perform successfully in auditions.

When directors are casting for TV, your child’s adeptness at representing a diverse range of characters is something they will be paying close attention to. With particular emphasis on your child’s portrayal of the character in relation to the overall storyline, casting directors are looking for actors who not only recite the scripted lines but embody the essence of the role. With skill and confidence.


As mentioned, confidence is a crucial component of auditioning for TV roles. When casting for TV, directors want an actor who is not afraid to put every bit of skill and energy into their character portrayal. Because passion for performance and preparation are two aspects of acting that really shine through. A child who is completely invested and loves performing will be obvious to a casting director.

Increasing confidence in acting and developing the ability to execute a successful audition is difficult. So, your child should take the time to learn as much as possible about the television industry. And even study other performers they admire. Furthermore, your child should hone their skills by practising in front of the mirror at home. Even performing for friends and family, and taking part in local productions to build their self-esteem and confidence. Your child will make the best, most lasting impression on a director who is casting for TV.


Probably the most important aspect casting directors are looking for, is an actor who has prepared for their audition. Your child needs to absorb themselves in the character and have the ability to perform the lines without prompting or referring to the script.

Additionally, your child should be prepared to be challenged during their audition. Casting directors may wish to observe your child’s ability to improvise while remaining in character. This shows the director that your child has understood the concept of the story, and is not just reciting lines. Learning about the role and the character will demonstrate your child’s commitment and dedication to the role. And when casting for TV this is something directors will notice and make your child stand out at auditions.

Casting for TV opportunities

When you are looking for casting opportunities for a TV role, get in touch with Casting Kids. Our dedicated talent agents are experienced in finding acting work for children from the age of 0-16 years. Our knowledge of the entertainment industry and list of reputable clients will enable your child to access some of the biggest names in TV.

So, contact Casting Kids today to book a consultation and discuss how we can help your child achieve their acting dreams.

Can Australian Talent Agencies Guarantee Work?

australian talent agencies

There are few guarantees in this life. To be successful, you need to put in the hard work, dedicate yourself, and ensure every choice you make along the way aligns with your end goal. If your child has chosen a career in acting or modelling, one extremely beneficial decision you can make is engaging Australian talent agencies to represent your child.

The entertainment and modelling world can be daunting and confusing, so having a professional agent take care of every aspect is beyond helpful. Australian talent agencies will introduce your child to the right people, offer exclusive audition opportunities, and ensure your child has the best start possible on the path to success.

Working on your behalf

Australian talent agencies present your child with all the advantages of having an experienced industry specialist manage their career. Talent agencies are your link to auditions and potential acting/modelling work. Overall, their role is to advocate for your child and promote their skills to reputable clients and casting directors. They provide advice and guidance to you and your child to help navigate the audition process. They also connect you with the relevant people who can offer opportunities for advancing your child’s career.

Opening up opportunities

Professional Australian talent agencies can provide your child with invaluable acting and modelling experience. Additionally, with their industry connections, your child will have access to closed auditions that would be otherwise unavailable. Certainly, these opportunities are crucial in increasing your child’s exposure within the industry. Also for fostering their familiarity with acting and modelling.

Whilst the promise of work is impossible, Australian talent agencies will work hard to help your child succeed. The more your child is promoted to the right people, the more auditions they are put forward for. Therefore, the better their chances of securing acting or modelling work.

Giving you a head start

When you engage Australian talent agencies you can rest assured your child will be working with high quality, respected industry professionals. Meaning your child will have the best opportunities available to be seen by some of the country’s top casting directors. A reputable agency has the necessary experience and knowledge of what clients are looking for in their talent. And can prepare your child by providing them with the relevant tips and tricks to stand out at auditions. 

Above all, your child needs every advantage to get ahead in this environment. The entertainment and modelling industries are especially competitive, with a never-ending parade of enthusiastic and talented children vying for work. So, when it comes to securing a job, Australian talent agencies can help your child, Especially to develop the right skills to showcase their skills on demand and impress at every audition.

A standout in Australian talent agencies

Casting Kids has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s outstanding talent agencies. We are dedicated to providing our clients with focused, personalised service, getting to know you and your child, and presenting appropriate opportunities relevant to your child’s individuality. 

Representing children of any ability from the age of 0-16 years, Casting Kids is the top choice in Australian talent agencies. We care about your child and their budding career, so contact us today to book a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

When Do You Need a Modelling Agency in Melbourne

modelling agency melbourne

Does your child display a flair for the dramatic? Do they love jumping in front of a lens at every opportunity? Do they have a natural affinity for striking a pose? Well, a modelling agency in Melbourne might be the perfect thing for your child. 

If your child shows great confidence and self-awareness, and loves dressing up for the camera, they are already a long way toward becoming a successful child model. But where do you go from here? How do you find modelling jobs for your child?

Here we will discuss the benefits of engaging a modelling agency in Melbourne. Also, how it can help your child get ahead in the industry.

A modelling agency in Melbourne provides representation

A modelling agency in Melbourne helps promote and boost your child’s profile for finding work within the industry. A reputable agency will advocate for your child and put them forward for auditions with quality clients.

Talent agencies are your child’s link to the modelling world so it’s important that you engage the right agency to work with your child. You need to ensure you and your child are comfortable with the modelling agency, and are confident in their ability to recommend your child for high value model castings.

Most importantly, engaging a modelling agency in Melbourne will provide your child with easy access to potential modelling work.

Key contacts

A professional talent agency will have a list of highly-regarded, recognisable clients that they work with. This means your child will be introduced to key players within the industry and therefore have more opportunities to secure valuable modelling jobs. 

A good modelling agency in Melbourne will expose your child to the right industry connections. This is the crucial difference between wanting to be a model, and finding work as a model. With an agency on your side, your child will be recommended for reputable modelling jobs ensuring they are working with some of the most professional and experienced people in the industry.


When engaging a modelling agency in Melbourne, you are putting the future of your child’s modelling career in the hands of a professional. Talent agencies have the knowledge and experience to provide your child with the best opportunities to find work. 

Your child will have access to an extensive range of modelling auditions that may otherwise not be available to you as an individual. This will greatly increase your child’s chances of securing a modelling job while fostering their experience within the industry.

The best modelling agency in Melbourne

When you want your child to have the very best opportunities to find work as a model, you need the very best modelling agency in Melbourne. 

Casting Kids is your go-to agency for kids modelling. We are a highly respected talent agency dedicated to personalised service and finding the right modelling job for your child. We have a strong focus on diversity, and represent children of all abilities from the age of 0-16 years. 

So, contact Casting Kids today to find out more about how we can help your child get started in modelling.

Advice for Kids Who Audition for a Movie

audition for a movie

There are probably very few of us that haven’t dreamed about playing the lead role in a Hollywood blockbuster. Especially as a child, this seems like the ultimate achievement in an actor’s career. And whilst this may or may not be true, it’s hard to dispute that the prestige and celebrity of being splashed around on billboards everywhere isn’t a thrilling thought. Therefore, it’s understandable that your budding child actor might have a burning desire to audition for a movie. Here are a few tips and tricks that your child needs in their acting arsenal in order to blow away the competition and snag their dream role.

Preparation is key

The more your child prepares for the audition, the better their chances at securing the role. Your child needs to know as much about their part as possible. This includes reading the whole script, learning about their character, how they fit in with the story, and how they interact with the other characters. This will give you overall context and provide you with some ideas on how your child should “play” the role during the audition.

Think about what the story is trying to say and how the writers might have intended the character to be portrayed. And then practice, practice, practice. Work through the script with your child, and occasionally question them about their character. This will prepare them in case the casting director asks their opinion about the role or the storyline.

Project confidence

At the audition, your child might be a bundle of nerves inside, but on the outside, they should exude confidence. This is where the preparation comes in. If your child knows the material inside and out, they will have the mental energy to focus on other aspects of the audition. Things like impressing the casting director with their knowledge of the character and the story. Or dressing in an outfit or costume relevant to the part they are auditioning for. Importantly, when your child is going to audition for a movie, they should not shy away from having fun and expressing themselves. Confidence goes a long way to proving suitability for a role.

On-camera experience

When your child prepares to audition for a movie, they need to be comfortable performing in front of a camera. Practice at home prior to the audition by having your child read through their lines while you film them. Simulate the audition experience by sitting behind the camera and providing them with direction. This will be useful for when it comes time for the real thing. By creating a mock scenario, your child will be less overwhelmed or daunted by the prospect of acting on camera.

Want to audition for a movie?

For the best opportunity to find an audition for a movie you need a great team by your side. Casting Kids has been representing children of all ages and abilities for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our personalised approach to finding each and every one of our clients as many acting opportunities as appropriate. If you are looking for a talent agency that cares, contact us at Casting Kids.

Types of Kids Acting Jobs in Melbourne

acting jobs in melbourne

There are some great opportunities for budding performers to secure acting jobs in Melbourne. Some of the country’s leading television networks and national brands have their base in Melbourne. This opens up a considerable market for kids wanting to make it big in the industry. The types of roles for kids range across speaking and non-speaking roles, extras work, and commercial advertising on television and online.

When seeking acting jobs in Melbourne a great advantage is to work with a kid’s casting agency that has all of the appropriate contacts to get your child auditions. For an idea of what types of kids acting jobs in Melbourne your child may be suitable for, here we will explore just a few.

Television or film

There are always roles for kids in television or film. Your child may secure a role as the main character in a television series or film, or be part of the supporting cast. Either way, getting hired for this type of role ensures that your child will be working regularly for the duration of the project.

The best way for your child to secure a role in television or film is to engage a kid’s casting agency. A reputable agency has the knowledge and experience within the industry to promote your child to the right people. Similarly, this will open up more opportunities for your child to attend auditions.

Television and film acting can be some of the toughest work in the industry. In order to gain traction and recognition, your child needs to put in the hard yards. From audition prep and dealing with knockbacks, to memorising lines and staying motivated and enthusiastic when on set, it takes a strong will and resilience to go all the way in TV and film.

Extras work

When a scene calls for a public setting, more than likely there will need to be extras in the background. Especially when set in a school or park. If your child is just starting out in acting, they can get a feel for the process in a non-speaking role. Before they delve deeper and audition for roles that require learning lines. Background or extras work, offers your child the chance to dip their toe in the acting waters and may lead to bigger things later in their career.

Marketing campaigns

Along with traditional forms of television advertising, there is another form of advertising that has gained popularity in recent years. Online marketing campaigns provide your child with yet another acting avenue to gain experience and build their ‘acting chops’.

Similar to a traditional TV advertisement, this form of marketing is built for social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. They are the ads you see before or during the video you have clicked on. Or you will scroll through in your socials feed. Your child can be the face of the next big trend to appear on a regular rotation online. This is great exposure to a wide audience far greater than local television can provide. And offers great opportunities for your child to get noticed by industry giants all over the world. A small start that can lead to great things.

Looking for acting jobs in Melbourne?

At Casting Kids, we know talent when we see it. Our experienced, friendly staff are dedicated to finding acting jobs in Melbourne for your child. Contact us today to discuss the next steps on the road to acting success for your child.

4 Ways to Find an Acting Job

acting job

When your child has expressed an interest in acting, it’s time to find them some work! Employment in the entertainment industry consists of a varying stream of temporary jobs. These jobs can last from a few hours to days or weeks at a time. And unless your child is lucky enough to secure a long-term, ongoing role early on, you will need to know how to find acting jobs if you want to maintain regular work. Here we will go through some of the most common ways you can find an acting job:

1.        Engage a talent agency

One of the best ways to find consistent acting jobs is to identify and engage a reputable talent agency. A professional acting agency will advocate for your child and introduce them to the right people within the industry.

Their connections will provide your child with many opportunities that may not be available to you otherwise. Through promotion and access to auditions, a talent agency will support and progress your child’s career in acting. Therefore, you should seriously consider engaging an acting agency to find your child an acting job.

2.        Gain acting experience

Above all, the more acting experience your child has, the higher their chances of securing an acting job. From school productions and student films to local theatre and amateur plays, it’s a good idea for your child to get involved in as many acting-related pursuits as possible. You may even want to consider enrolling them in acting classes to improve their skills, confidence, and increase their overall exposure to acting.

Acting agencies are also on the lookout for the next big star in many different settings. So, if your child displays a particular affinity for acting then having their talents on display can get them noticed very quickly. Any opportunity to practice and build on your child’s acting skills should be grabbed with both hands.

3.        Make connections in the industry

A huge advantage in the entertainment industry is increasing your exposure and showcasing your skills to potential employers. Consequently, connecting with industry professionals will greatly improve your child’s chances of getting an acting job. A great way to achieve this is social media. Join industry forums and groups, and follow leading talent agencies to stay informed and aware of opportunities that may arise.

Additionally, if your child has a flair in front of the camera, post their work on vlogging platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Ensure the type of content you share is relevant and highlights your child’s acting skills and range.

Maintaining an interactive presence online is extremely useful in self-promotion and widening your audience. This will greatly increase the chances of your child being discovered by the right people.

4.        Research casting calls

Casting calls are large auditions that you will find advertised online or within industry publications. Casting calls may be open to the general public or restricted to particular talent agencies or groups. By keeping your eye on industry-related sites, forums, and social media channels you may find an open casting call that leads to an acting job for your child.

Want help to find an acting job in Australia?

Casting Kids is dedicated to finding work for each and every one of our clients. We represent children of all abilities and backgrounds, from age 0-16. Finding your child an acting job is our number one priority and our friendly, professional staff will stop at nothing to promote and put your child forward for all suitable auditions.

Contact us today to discuss registration and get your child started on the right path to success.

Kids Talent Agency Melbourne: Questions to Ask

kids talent agency melbourne

There are a lot of uncertainties and unknowns when starting out in the entertainment industry. You want to know where to start, how it all works and what it means for your child. And it can seem completely overwhelming. To help guide you through the process, a kids talent agency can be an extremely helpful asset. But how do you work out which one is right for you? We will guide you through some of the questions you should be asking when looking for a kids talent agency in Melbourne.

How much will my child earn?

This is probably the first question that comes to mind when engaging a kids talent agency. And it’s understandable. You will be paying membership fees to the agency therefore you want to know if your investment is going to be fruitful. You want to make sure your child is rewarded for the hard work, time and effort they put into securing acting roles. So, this question is important to raise with the talent agency. But be aware that, unfortunately, it’s not possible to get a definitive answer. It really depends on how many, and what type of, roles your child is hired for.

Is my child guaranteed work from a kid’s talent agency in Melbourne?

This question is quite common when interviewing a kids talent agency in Melbourne. You should not make assumptions about the agency’s ability to expose your child to the right industry people. It’s directly related to how much work your child will get through the agency. So, whilst no agency can guarantee work, they can provide a guarantee of working hard to promote your child. And put them forward for as many auditions as possible that suit the talents of your child.

Who are your clients?

This question will give you an idea of the calibre of work the agency can provide your child. A good indication of a well-known agency is the list of high-quality, recognisable clients they work with. The agency should be open and honest about who they have dealings with, and who you can expect your child to be connected with. Look for brands you have heard of and have seen examples of their work to decide if their brand fits with your ethical perspective and your child’s personality.

How do I apply?

When looking for a kids talent agency in Melbourne, you should find out the registration process for your child. How difficult or confusing is the paperwork? Can you apply online? Does your child need to attend an interview with the agency? A reputable agency should provide you with options, should be flexible and available to discuss the process with you, and offer advice and guidance before you make your final decision.

Looking for a kids talent agency in Melbourne?

Casting Kids has been a respected kids talent agency in Melbourne for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our personalised, professional service and dedication to finding the right role for all of our clients. We represent children of all abilities, from 6 months to 16 years. Contact us to find out more or to arrange a time to discuss registering your child with Casting Kids.

Do Acting Agencies Guarantee Work?

melbourne acting agencies

The entertainment industry can be an intimidating and confusing world. When your child chooses a career in acting, you need to be aware of all the ins and outs of the trade to take full advantage of the opportunities available. Fortunately, this is where an acting agency can help. They will take care of the nitty-gritty, introduce your child to the relevant people and enable your child access to work as an actor.

But do acting agencies guarantee your child work? And what benefits do they offer you and your child? We are here to talk you through how an acting agency can help your child progress in their acting career.


Engaging an acting agency to represent your child is extremely beneficial. In fact, you could say it’s crucial. Acting agencies are your connection to the acting world. Above all else, they advocate for your child on your behalf by speaking to the right people and putting your child in front of as many casting directors as appropriate. They have extensive experience in the kinds of things directors look for in auditions, and provide you with advice and guidance through the whole process.

Acting agencies are your first-hand link to the entertainment industry. Therefore, they can be invaluable in your child finding and securing work as an actor.

Acting agencies present opportunities

With a reputable acting agency on your side, your child will have access to an extensive range of job opportunities. Certainly, this is exactly what your child needs to increase their chances of securing a role, whilst fostering their exposure within the industry. The more roles your child is put forward for, the greater the chance of being hired. And this experience can only be helpful in leading your child to more acting work.

Like anything, the more you try the higher your chances. This is no different in the entertainment industry. Whilst there are no definites, in this or any industry, the more your child’s name is out there, the more chance the right people will get to hear it and want your child in their production.


Acting agencies will find the right auditions for your child. They have the necessary connections within the industry to enable your child to be put forward for as many suitable auditions as practical until they find work. They will recommend only the most reputable, legit auditions to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. Additionally, you can rest assured your child will be working with some of the most professional and experienced people in the industry.

Ultimately, acting agencies are there specifically to find work for your child. They are only satisfied in their work when your child finds work. And they will ensure your child has the best opportunities by offering access to the best, most suitable, auditions.

One of Australia’s leading acting agencies

Casting Kids has a long history of providing personalised service to each and every one of our clients. Our main focus is on finding work for your child. We represent children of all abilities from the age of 0-16. So, if you want to have one of the best acting agencies in Australia representing your child, contact us at Casting Kids.

Things To Know About Acting in Australia

acting australia

Acting – what a rewarding, multifaceted and interesting adventure your child is embarking on! As an actor, your child will be exposed to new environments, interact with a host of new people, and build their confidence sky-high. They will be presented with so many opportunities to expand their skills. And for those with the dedication to stick with it, your kid can turn their hobby/interest into paid employment.

But before setting off on their acting journey, there are a number of considerations you and your child should think about. For example, is this something your child wants to invest a lot of time into? How do you go about finding work in the industry? And what is an audition?

Well don’t worry! We are here to answer your questions and tell you what you need to know about acting in Australia.

Interest in acting Australia

Firstly, whilst it may seem like all glitz and glamour on the big screen, behind the scenes is a lot of hard work and persistence. From preparation and auditioning, to dealing with (what can be a number of) knockbacks, it takes some fortitude and self-confidence to keep at it and succeed.

Subsequently, you should have a chat with your child about the time they will need to put in. And that this may mean sacrificing in other areas, for example hanging out with friends, or other after-school activities. In doing so, you will make sure your child is aware of what’s involved and is still 100% committed, before starting out.

Reputable agency

Your next job when pursing acting in Australia will be to find work for your child. This can be confusing and overwhelming if you are new to the industry. Therefore, choosing to engage a reputable agency is an extremely helpful, and influential, step toward success.

A good agency will have legitimate industry connections and experience in representing child actors. They will help you navigate the numerous facets involved in kids acting. Importantly, they will connect your kid with the right people and put them forward for suitable roles.

The right agency will be integral in getting work for your kid. So, interviewing your chosen agency is vital to ensure they are a good fit.

The audition

Finally, once you have engaged an agency to represent your child, the audition process comes next. Above all else, the key to success is preparation. Learning lines front to back is the best way to ensure your child is noticed. Additionally, if the role is for a specific type of person, for example a schoolchild, they should dress the part for the audition. This will help them stand out from the crowd – extremely important when auditioning!

Overall, your child will be competing against a lot of other children. Therefore, preparation and demonstrating knowledge of the role are imperative to ensure their name goes straight on the short-list.

Want your kid to start acting in Australia?

Casting Kids pride ourselves on our personalised approach to each individual child and their family. With a focus on finding work for all of our clients, we represent children of all abilities between the ages of 0-16 years. So, if you want the best start in acting for your child, contact us at Casting Kids.

Casting For Teens: What Directors Look For

casting for teens

So, you are a teen interested in acting? Great! Acting is a fantastic outlet for creativity, boosts confidence and builds useful social skills. Plus, you can start earning some money for yourself! The entertainment industry can be intimidating for a newcomer and having some idea on what to expect can be extremely handy. What is involved? And what are directors looking for when casting for teens?

Generally speaking, when casting for teens directors are searching for many different capabilities and traits during the audition process. However, most will have a few key aspects they will focus on. Here we will discuss some of the main things you should concentrate on when auditioning.

Stand out from the crowd

Personality plays a major role in casting for teens. In most cases, directors are looking for teens with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Whatever the audition, commercial, TV show or movie role, to put your best foot forward you need to show you are eager to work. Turning up to the audition appropriately dressed, lines memorised, with a friendly demeanour will demonstrate to the casting director that you are serious about the audition.

Perform with confidence

Passion for performance really shines through. A confident, self-assured teen who loves performing in front of others will be obvious to a director casting for teens.

You should take the time to learn about the industry, study other performers and broaden your range to make the most of every audition you attend. Practice in front of the mirror, perform for friends, and sign up for the school play to really hone your skills. A teen who has put in the hours prior to an audition, and has the confidence to throw everything into the performance will make a lasting impression.

Prepare and adapt

More often than not, an audition will require you to learn scripted lines. Before the audition, the lines will be given to you so you can read and prepare. Above all else, you need to practice, practice, practice! You can’t over-prepare in the entertainment industry! Preparation is the key to success when auditioning. Knowing the material off-book will definitely put you in good stead for securing the role.

Additionally, when casting teens directors might challenge you by asking you to perform some improvised lines at the audition. Being able to quickly adapt while staying in character will be an extremely valuable skill for you to have. Therefore, preparation will play a huge part in achieving this. Learning the role and a bit about the character itself will help you perform any ad-hoc changes to the script.

Interested in casting for teens in Melbourne?

At Casting Kids, our focus is on finding work for all of our clients. We represent children and teens of all abilities up to 16 years of age, and pride ourselves on our personalised approach to each individual child and their family.

If you are looking for a talent agency that cares, contact us at Casting Kids. As one of the most trusted, professional talent agencies in Melbourne, you can be confident you will receive the best opportunities to succeed in the entertainment industry.