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The Truth about Modelling Agencies with No Upfront Fees

Modelling Agencies with No Upfront Fees

Modelling can be a fun and lucrative career for children, but it’s essential to be aware of potential scams in the industry. One of the most common scams is modelling agencies with no upfront fees. While these agencies may seem like a good deal, they could end up costing you more in the long run. Here are five important things to know about modelling agencies with no upfront fees.

The risks of no upfront fees

While it may seem like a good deal to avoid paying upfront fees, it’s important to understand the risks involved. Many no-upfront fee agencies make their money by taking a percentage of your child’s earnings. This percentage can be as high as 20%, which can add up quickly. In addition, some agencies may not have your child’s best interests at heart and may not provide adequate training or support.

How to spot a scam

When searching for a modelling agency, it’s essential to do your research. Look for agencies that have a proven track record of success and a good reputation in the industry. Avoid agencies that promise to make your child a star or guarantee bookings. These promises are often too good to be true and might be a sign of a scam.

In addition, remember that when there are no upfront fees, you’ll have to pay somehow. That’s often through a percentage of earnings. In this case, the agency doesn’t really care who gets the part because they always get paid. This puts your child at risk of not even being considered for auditions if they’re not in the top few children the agency represents.

Modelling agencies with no upfront fees aren’t always the best

It’s tempting to believe that modelling agencies with no upfront fees are always the best option for parents looking to get their children into the industry. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money while pursuing their dreams? However, it’s important to remember that just because an agency doesn’t charge upfront fees doesn’t mean they’re automatically trustworthy or reputable. In fact, some less scrupulous agencies may use the promise of no upfront fees to lure in unsuspecting parents, only to hit them with hidden charges or other fees down the line. As with any industry, it’s important to do your research, ask questions, and use common sense before signing on with any modelling agency.

The benefits of working with a reputable agency

Working with a reputable modelling agency can provide many benefits for your child’s career. They can provide training and support, connect your child with top clients and brands, and negotiate favourable contracts on your behalf. Reputable agencies also have a good understanding of the industry and can provide valuable advice and guidance.

Looking for a reputable modelling agency for your child?

If you’re looking for a reputable modelling agency fees, consider Casting Kids. We’re one of the leading modelling agencies in Australia, with a proven track record of success. We provide support to help your child succeed, and we have a strong network of clients and brands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your child achieve their modelling dreams.

How to Become a Model in Melbourne

how to become a model in melbourne

We all know that kids are cute, but did you know that some of them can make a living from it? Child modelling is an industry that has grown in popularity over the past few years, with more and more children getting jobs to be paid models. If your child has a good sense of style and wants to build their portfolio as a model, here’s how you can help them get started.

Join a reputable child modelling agency

Firstly, you want to research the companies that hire child models. Find out what they do and how they work. Ask them about their experience in the industry, and ask for references from other parents who have worked with them. Ask about their reputation in the community, as well as any awards or recognition they’ve earned over time.

As with any career, it’s important to find a reputable agency that has your best interests in mind and can help you achieve your goals. Look for an agency that is licensed and has a good reputation for finding work for their models. You should also consider whether or not the agency matches your child’s interests (such as modelling or acting).

Become familiar with the industry

Before getting your child involved with modelling it’s important to understand the industry. As a parent, you want to know that jobs are safe for your child. You also don’t want them getting into an industry that could be dangerous.

Ultimately, it’s your choice to allow your child to model or not. But when you learn more about the industry and how to protect your child, you can both have a great time working in the industry!

Ensure your child has fun while learning how to become a model in Melbourne

In order to ensure that your child has fun while learning to model, it’s important that you don’t push them too hard. If they are not enjoying the experience, they will not want to continue with it. It is also important not to overwork your child or make them feel bad about themselves. We’ve all heard horror stories about parents living vicariously through their children, and you should avoid this at all costs. It only serves to damage your children, or at the very least, spoil their fun while modelling.

Help your child develop listening skills

The ability to listen is an essential skill for any child model, as it helps them absorb instructions. Children are often told what to do or how to look, and they need to take this direction. So, help your kids to develop good listening skills from a young age.

Need help with how to become a model in Melbourne?

Passionate about finding the right job for your child, Casting Kids is a top modelling agency in Melbourne. Our dedicated talent agents work hard to find the right jobs for your child and promote your child’s skills.

Casting Kids is committed to personalised service and has a strong focus on inclusivity and diversity. Our boutique agency offers friendly, professional representation to all children between the ages of 0 to 16 years old. So, when you are considering a modelling agency for kids, contact Casting Kids today to find out more about our talent services.

How Do Children’s Agents Find Work for Your Child?

children's agents

If you’ve got a youngster who loves performing, then you’ve probably considered getting them an agent. This makes sense because the entertainment industry can be difficult to navigate if you’ve never been involved before. You’ll have more success finding acting and modelling jobs with the help of children’s agents. But how exactly does an agent help your child? Let’s look further into what you should know before hiring an agent.

How much does an agent cost?

Before we get too far into things, you should consider the cost of an agent. However, a low cost (or even no cost) is not always the best way to go. Most children’s agents charge some kind of fee. For example, at Casting Kids, we charge a $450 annual registration fee. This covers professional photography, a profile on Casting Networks and of course, 12 months of representation from your agent.

We choose to operate with an annual fee because it motivates us to work hard for ALL of our kids, not just the ones who get the most work. Some agencies might charge no upfront fees but take a percentage of earnings. This works in some cases, but it does mean the agent is likely to invest more time into the most successful children.

How do children’s agents find work?

Typically, the most common way for you to find work through an agent is by attending auditions. Your agent will let you know that there’s an audition coming up, and they can refer your child if they’re deemed suitable. This is the usual way that people find work through an agent.

In terms of where these auditions come from, it’s usually through regular clients. So, your children’s agency will have a list of regular clients they work with. Those clients contact the agent to advise they’re shooting a commercial or running auditions for a TV show (or whatever the job might be). It’s then up to the agent to determine which children on their roster are suited to attend an audition.

For this reason, you’ll want to choose an agent with a strong client list. Here at Casting Kids, our clients include quality brands and companies such as Bonds, Target, Myer, Cotton On, Village Cinemas, Country Road and many, many more. This is how we provide regular opportunities for the children we represent.

Do children’s agents guarantee work?

Unfortunately, there is never a guarantee of work. It’s our commitment to represent all children fairly and equally. But the final call on acting and modelling jobs is made by the client. More specifically, the casting director who runs the auditions. So, while we provide plenty of audition opportunities, we can’t guarantee your child will be successful.

Looking for an agency to help your child’s career?

Here at Casting Kids, we represent children from ages 0-16, and we’re a fully inclusive agency. That means representing children of all abilities and promoting diversity within the entertainment industry. We treat all of our children and their families with honesty and respect. If you’re ready to start your child’s acting or modelling journey, contact us today.

How Much Do Children’s Agents Cost?

children's agents

When you’re looking for children’s agents to represent your young one, one of the most common questions is about the cost. There are usually two different fee types that you’ll find when it comes to agents. Both have their positives and negatives, but let’s take a closer look and see how they work. Here are the different costs for hiring children’s agents.


One way that agents organise their fee structure is with a commission. This means that there are no costs associated with joining the children’s agency. However, if your child secures work, you’d be required to pay a percentage to the agent.

This is quite a common fee structure, and the amount can range from 10% – 20% depending on the agent. In some ways, this is a fair arrangement because as a parent, you only pay for an agent’s services if your child earns income.

On the downside, it means an agency can essentially represent hundreds and hundreds of kids, but only put effort into finding work for the children they think are most likely to earn money.

Children’s agents registration fees

Another way to structure fees is by charging a registration fee. Here at Casting Kids, we prefer this option. We set a standard registration fee of $395 per year. This helps to pay for professional photo shoots, a profile on professional networks and 12 months of representation.

We prefer this because it still gives us a level of control over who we represent. Not everybody can register, and we only take children on if we think we can really find work for them. This way, we work equally as hard for all of our kids. If parents don’t see any results, they won’t register for another year.

So, agencies that charge a registration fee have to work hard for their clients, otherwise, they won’t generate an income.

Which is best?

It really comes down to personal preference. Each system has its pros and cons. We’ve outlined why we prefer a registration fee structure. We feel that it’s better for parents and children, while also keeping us motivated to put all of our children forward for appropriate jobs. It also ensures there are equal funds dedicated to things like photoshoots.

Ultimately, it’s a parent’s choice and in the end, it probably isn’t even the biggest concern. More important is feeling that you’re well represented and that you have a good rapport with the agent. You need to feel confident that they have the relevant industry connections and clients that you’d want your child working for.

While some may argue against registration fees, you generally get what you pay for when something is free.

Looking for the best children’s agents in Melbourne?

If you want high-quality representations from children’s agents who really care about your child’s future, look no further. Casting Kids has been representing children of all ages from 0-16 for many years now. We’ve built an impressive list of clients and we’ve had great success in finding regular work for our dedicated, hard-working kids. To find out more, contact us at Casting Kids today.

Modelling for Kids: What Qualities Does Your Child Need?

modelling for kids

If your child wants to get involved in modelling, they will need to succeed at auditions. Modelling for kids can earn some extra money, but can also be competitive. Most modelling jobs require children to attend auditions. Clients generally have the final say on who they want in their campaigns.

So, with that in mind, what qualities do children need for modelling? Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that clients look for when selecting models for their advertising campaigns.

Genuine personality

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is personality. Kids, especially younger children, aren’t expected to be professional models. Young children don’t need the same skills that older performers have. What they do need though, is a bright, bubbly personality and some confidence.

So, if your child loves being the centre of attention and is happy performing for others, they should do fine. In rare occasions, clients may look for something other than a happy persona, but you would be made aware of this before auditions. Mostly, children should just be themselves and show off their unique personality.

Able to follow directions

The other requirement is an ability to follow directions. Even younger children need to be able to follow some simple instructions, for obvious reasons. Most photographers and clients who work with children are experienced. So, they’ll expect that kids might be a little less focused than adult models. Still, they will expect a certain level of focus and concentration.

If your child is very easily distracted and struggles to maintain attention on a task, modelling may not be for them. However, if they can follow basic directions and stay on task, modelling could be a great activity for them to try!

A calm temperament

In the case of much younger children or babies, there isn’t really an expectation that they’ll have great concentration skills. This is where it comes down to a child’s temperament instead. If they have a generally calm and happy demeanour, your child might be great at modelling! One thing to remember, if your child is teething or having a particularly difficult time (think the ‘terrible twos’), you may want to scale back the amount of modelling jobs you try to get for them.

Modelling for Kids: Where to get started

Casting Kids has been helping kids break into the modelling industry for over 16 years now. We represent all children from babies through to 16 years old, and we work with children of all abilities. If you’d like to get your child started in modelling, it’s a great way to boost their self-esteem and teach them some new skills. We can help, and we get to know all of our kids personally to ensure we only present them with the right opportunities. Contact us today if you want the right agency to represent your child’s acting and modelling career.

Modelling Kids Melbourne: Tips for Winning Auditions

modelling kids Melbourne

If your child is interested in modelling, there’s one thing you’ll need to help them with above all else. How to succeed at auditions. It’s no secret that auditions are competitive for modelling kids in Melbourne. So, ensuring your kids are at the top of their game gives them a better chance of winning jobs.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your children for auditions.

Be yourself

Perhaps the most important thing above all else is for your child to be themselves. More often than not, casting directors are looking for personality. Certainly, in the case of younger children, personality is key because they likely haven’t developed strong modelling skills. As children get older, they may need to rely on more accepted modelling techniques. However, even then, personality is important.

Don’t pressure kids to act a certain way during auditions, because they’ll have better luck if they are themselves. Let the directors see those bright, beautiful personalities, and let the kids have fun.

Dress appropriately as modelling kids in Melbourne

There is a common misconception that in the modelling world, children should try to look older than their age. This is usually not the case at all, especially if the call is for children of a certain age range. Depending on how old your child is, a small amount of makeup may be appropriate, but it isn’t 100% essential for auditions.

Often, directors are after a specific look. Our advice is that the specific look is almost never going to be that of a 10-year-old child trying to appear as a 15-year-old. The only tie you might consider dressing your child outside of their age range is if they are specifically trying to get parts that require a child who is slightly older or younger than them.

Understand the role

Modelling is different to acting in the sense that there aren’t any spoken lines to learn, or complex character portrayal required. However, even for a modelling job, you may be able to find out what type of products are being advertised or even the intended theme of the ad. Talk to your kids about those themes, and see if they have any ideas how they’d like to approach the audition. It might be wearing certain clothes or even doing some research on similar print media.

Keep it fun

Finally, the most important thing is to keep the process fun. If kids feel nervous or stressed, they can go into their shells. At an audition, they should be carefree and enjoying themselves, because this allows their real personality to shine through.

Want the best agency for modelling kids in Melbourne?

Casting Kids has been helping children realise their modelling dreams for over 16 years. In that time, we’ve developed a reputation as one of the most respected talent agencies in Melbourne. With a strong client list and a commitment to helping our kids find work, we’re the agency you can trust.

Every child is interviewed personally, and we learn about your individual personalities. We represent all kids from babies to 16 years old, and we’re a fully inclusive and diverse agency. As a boutique service, we represent kids with all abilities, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism at all times.

If you’d like to know more, contact us today!

How to Prepare Kids for Children’s Modelling

children's modelling

Bright, bubbly, confident, jumping in front of the camera at every opportunity – sound familiar? If your child displays these traits, then they might be perfect for a career in children’s modelling. Here are a few ways to work out if your child has what it takes to get ahead in this competitive industry.

Does your child actually want to model?

Modelling might seem like an exciting, glitzy job, and it definitely can be, but to be successful in children’s modelling you need to work hard. Because behind the lights, cameras, and fun outfits is a culmination of many hours of concentration, following instructions, and dealing with new people on a regular basis. So, you need to have an open conversation with your child and discuss what it means to be a model.

Set expectations and goals

A big part of success is having clear goals and a good understanding of what you want from your experience. Your child needs to know why he/she/they want to model – for fun, some extra pocket money, or in the hopes of launching a full career? Working out the motivation and drive behind the interest will help you and your child determine how much time and effort you are both willing to invest in modelling.

Another important factor to consider is how your child reacts to rejection. How do they handle hearing “no”? What is their response to loss? Whilst it would be fantastic to believe that your child will secure every job they audition for, it’s very likely they will have to go through a number of rejections in the process. And no one likes to lose. It can be demoralising. So, your child needs to have a healthy relationship with their emotions and understand that a knock-back is not a reflection on their talent or looks, just that the job wasn’t right for them.

Engage representation for children’s modelling

The smoothest and most beneficial pathway into children’s modelling is through a kid’s talent agency. Professional representation will introduce you and your child to some of the country’s biggest names in modelling. Reputable agencies will have a comprehensive list of highly recognisable clients and enable your child to access closed casting calls.

Overall, engaging a talent agency to represent your child will help progress their career. While supporting you through every stage of the process. Importantly, an agency will connect your child with influential industry professionals and promote/champion your child on your behalf.

Children’s modelling in Melbourne

Your budding catwalk star needs the best representation to help catapult their career into the stratosphere. Casting Kids is one of Melbourne’s leading children’s modelling agencies. We work hard to find your child modelling opportunities. We also pride ourselves on providing high quality, personalised services to you and your child.

Casting Kids is dedicated to guiding you through the competitive world of modelling. We offer expert advice and support to help you and your child make the most out of each casting. So, contact Casting Kids today to find out more about how we can help your child prepare for a career in modelling.

When Do You Need a Modelling Agency in Melbourne

modelling agency melbourne

Does your child display a flair for the dramatic? Do they love jumping in front of a lens at every opportunity? Do they have a natural affinity for striking a pose? Well, a modelling agency in Melbourne might be the perfect thing for your child. 

If your child shows great confidence and self-awareness, and loves dressing up for the camera, they are already a long way toward becoming a successful child model. But where do you go from here? How do you find modelling jobs for your child?

Here we will discuss the benefits of engaging a modelling agency in Melbourne. Also, how it can help your child get ahead in the industry.

A modelling agency in Melbourne provides representation

A modelling agency in Melbourne helps promote and boost your child’s profile for finding work within the industry. A reputable agency will advocate for your child and put them forward for auditions with quality clients.

Talent agencies are your child’s link to the modelling world so it’s important that you engage the right agency to work with your child. You need to ensure you and your child are comfortable with the modelling agency, and are confident in their ability to recommend your child for high value model castings.

Most importantly, engaging a modelling agency in Melbourne will provide your child with easy access to potential modelling work.

Key contacts

A professional talent agency will have a list of highly-regarded, recognisable clients that they work with. This means your child will be introduced to key players within the industry and therefore have more opportunities to secure valuable modelling jobs. 

A good modelling agency in Melbourne will expose your child to the right industry connections. This is the crucial difference between wanting to be a model, and finding work as a model. With an agency on your side, your child will be recommended for reputable modelling jobs ensuring they are working with some of the most professional and experienced people in the industry.


When engaging a modelling agency in Melbourne, you are putting the future of your child’s modelling career in the hands of a professional. Talent agencies have the knowledge and experience to provide your child with the best opportunities to find work. 

Your child will have access to an extensive range of modelling auditions that may otherwise not be available to you as an individual. This will greatly increase your child’s chances of securing a modelling job while fostering their experience within the industry.

The best modelling agency in Melbourne

When you want your child to have the very best opportunities to find work as a model, you need the very best modelling agency in Melbourne. 

Casting Kids is your go-to agency for kids modelling. We are a highly respected talent agency dedicated to personalised service and finding the right modelling job for your child. We have a strong focus on diversity, and represent children of all abilities from the age of 0-16 years. 

So, contact Casting Kids today to find out more about how we can help your child get started in modelling.

Tips for Child Modelling Careers

child modelling

Child modelling careers seem like a great idea, especially if your child has a bit of flair and loves to entertain. However, it’s not something you should blindly go into, because it’s a lot of hard work. Of course, it’s also heaps of fun and can be great for a child’s self-confidence, but it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself in for.

Remember to keep it fun

Firstly, you need to remember that child modelling should be fun. Most photographers and directors you’ll encounter are experienced in working with children. So, they’ll do their best to keep it fun. While it’s still a job, and we’ll touch on this later, you need to make sure your child enjoys it. If it stops being fun for them, it’s time for a break. Unfortunately, children often love doing something for a while and then move on to something else. It’s natural, so don’t force your child to keep going if it stops being fun.

Ensure your child can take direction

One of the most crucial things for a child model is the ability to take direction. Kids don’t always have the best attention span. But if they want a child modelling career, they’ll need to know when to listen carefully.

Child modelling is hard work

Child modelling is great fun, and you should always do everything you can to keep it that way. However, children are human just like us. Their self-esteem gets dented, they get overwhelmed, and sometimes they just straight out don’t enjoy things. Modelling is fun, but it’s still work. When being paid, your child needs to be ready to put in the required work.

They might have a long day on a set, go through endless costume changes, deal with a photographer or director who they just don’t click with. Plenty of things can make modelling feel like a chore. So, make sure your child is prepared to put in the hard work when required.

Prepare thoroughly for auditions

While modelling is less about learning lines and more about presenting yourself in a certain way, you still need to prepare. Generally, you’ll have a good idea of the client you’re auditioning for. You may even be given some detailed information about what your child will be modelling. So, if you do get that extra information, make sure your child is comfortable. For example, if they need to wear a style of shoes they’ve never worn before, can you have them wear some before casting to get used to them?

Want to help your child start a modelling career?

Casting Kids has a reputation for being a caring, inclusive and supportive child talent agency. We’ve been in the business for a long time, and our clients trust us to find the very best child models in Melbourne. We continue to promote diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry, and we pride ourselves on getting to know all of the children and families we represent. Contact us today to find out how we can get your child started!

Tips for Finding Model Casting in Melbourne

model casting melbourne

If your child has expressed an interest in modelling, you’ll need to know how to find model casting in Melbourne. Of course, there are plenty of things you can do while waiting. There are modelling classes, performing arts classes and several other ways to help your kids develop their skills. However, when it comes down to actually finding work, a little guidance is useful.

We’ve been helping kids achieve their modelling goals for over 16 years, so we know a thing or two about the process. Here’s some ideas when getting your children started in model casting in Melbourne.

Use a reputable model casting agency in Melbourne

The best and most effective way to find regular model casting in Melbourne is through an agency. There are plenty of reasons for this, with safety being at the top of the list. By using a reputable agency, you can feel safe that they only work with legitimate, reputable clients. That means your child’s safety is looked after during casting, auditions and on the actual modelling jobs.

Not only that, but your child gets to start their career in a professional environment. They may have to start out small, but they’ll at least have the support of an agency behind them. No scouring social media pages for work, risking doing jobs for free or in dangerous situations. Simply, an agency is a safer, more professional way to find model casting in Melbourne.

Online and social media options

Of course, you can always try to go it alone. There are online classified, social media posts and other online groups where you can get started. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to regulate these private kinds of modelling jobs. So, you do take a risk of not being paid, working with unprofessional people or generally being messed around. Safety can also be a concern.

However, if you can find the right connections online, such as acting and modelling forums, there’s still a chance you can find work.

Connect with businesses directly

The other option if your child is just starting out, is perhaps connecting directly with businesses. For example, if your child loves a certain type of toy, or a local brand of clothing, you can approach businesses directly. It might not always result in any work – much like finding any job – but it’s a chance.

It’s not the most professional way to go though, and most major businesses probably already use an agency for model casting in Melbourne. However, if that’s the case, they’ll at least let you know and point you to the right agency.

Looking for the best model casting in Melbourne?

If you’d love to introduce your child to the wonderful world of modelling, we’re here to help. Casting Kids has been finding and developing modelling talent for over 16 years. We promote diversity in modelling, include children of all abilities and limb differences. We have an impressive list of clients who rely on us, and that’s why we can find modelling opportunities for your kids. You can read all about us here, or please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.