Child modelling careers seem like a great idea, especially if your child has a bit of flair and loves to entertain. However, it’s not something you should blindly go into, because it’s a lot of hard work. Of course, it’s also heaps of fun and can be great for a child’s self-confidence, but it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself in for.

Remember to keep it fun

Firstly, you need to remember that child modelling should be fun. Most photographers and directors you’ll encounter are experienced in working with children. So, they’ll do their best to keep it fun. While it’s still a job, and we’ll touch on this later, you need to make sure your child enjoys it. If it stops being fun for them, it’s time for a break. Unfortunately, children often love doing something for a while and then move on to something else. It’s natural, so don’t force your child to keep going if it stops being fun.

Ensure your child can take direction

One of the most crucial things for a child model is the ability to take direction. Kids don’t always have the best attention span. But if they want a child modelling career, they’ll need to know when to listen carefully.

Child modelling is hard work

Child modelling is great fun, and you should always do everything you can to keep it that way. However, children are human just like us. Their self-esteem gets dented, they get overwhelmed, and sometimes they just straight out don’t enjoy things. Modelling is fun, but it’s still work. When being paid, your child needs to be ready to put in the required work.

They might have a long day on a set, go through endless costume changes, deal with a photographer or director who they just don’t click with. Plenty of things can make modelling feel like a chore. So, make sure your child is prepared to put in the hard work when required.

Prepare thoroughly for auditions

While modelling is less about learning lines and more about presenting yourself in a certain way, you still need to prepare. Generally, you’ll have a good idea of the client you’re auditioning for. You may even be given some detailed information about what your child will be modelling. So, if you do get that extra information, make sure your child is comfortable. For example, if they need to wear a style of shoes they’ve never worn before, can you have them wear some before casting to get used to them?

Want to help your child start a modelling career?

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