When casting for kids, how much do you think about diversity and inclusion? Or do you already have a set idea in your mind of how children should look in your advertising? As a business leader, your advertising speaks to millions of Australians, and all of those people have a right to be represented.

A representation of all Australians

Businesses have a great opportunity to lead the way when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Because marketing and advertising are so prevalent in our society, people look up to big companies. So much so, that really successful ad campaigns become part of our culture and live on for years after they air. So, advertising is a great chance to show that your brand represents all Australians.

We have a rich multicultural lifestyle in Australia. We’ve also made great strides in how we view disabilities. As such, brands need to show that they recognise all people as equal. When you’re casting for kids, think about how you can accurately reflect all of Australian society. It’s

Promote yourself as a caring brand when casting for kids

One of the other reasons to actively seek out diversity in your advertising campaigns is a little more self-serving. The fact is, businesses in today’s world perform better when they adopt a genuine social conscience. Whether it’s promoting charities, implementing environmentally friendly practices, or representing everyone in their ad campaigns.

Customers want to connect with a brand, and in most cases, they do this a lot more easily if they can see a brand stands for something. By casting for kids and including a diverse representation of children in your marketing material, you show yourself to be a caring, inclusive brand.

Everybody has different abilities

It’s no secret that everywhere you go in life, people have different traits that make them amazing. Some are funny, some are generous, some are technically brilliant. The same applies in the acting and modelling world. Kids of all different races, religions, physical ability and appearance have something to offer.

When we decide whether to not to represent a child, it’s based on a number of things. However, we never turn away someone for being differently abled. What we truly look for is that spark, that special something that makes kids great for acting or modelling. It might be temperament, a child’s laugh, or just a certain charisma, but everybody brings something unique to the table.

The best casting for kids is right here

At Casting Kids, we’ve got a reputation for being professional and kind. While we don’t represent every child, we certainly do meet with all aspiring actors and models. We promote diversity and inclusion, representing children of all abilities. For transparent, honest representation that can really help your child’s career, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’d like to find out more about casting for kids, auditions, or how we can help make your advertising campaigns a success, contact us today at Casting Kids.

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