If your child wants to get involved in modelling, they will need to succeed at auditions. Modelling for kids can earn some extra money, but can also be competitive. Most modelling jobs require children to attend auditions. Clients generally have the final say on who they want in their campaigns.

So, with that in mind, what qualities do children need for modelling? Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that clients look for when selecting models for their advertising campaigns.

Genuine personality

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is personality. Kids, especially younger children, aren’t expected to be professional models. Young children don’t need the same skills that older performers have. What they do need though, is a bright, bubbly personality and some confidence.

So, if your child loves being the centre of attention and is happy performing for others, they should do fine. In rare occasions, clients may look for something other than a happy persona, but you would be made aware of this before auditions. Mostly, children should just be themselves and show off their unique personality.

Able to follow directions

The other requirement is an ability to follow directions. Even younger children need to be able to follow some simple instructions, for obvious reasons. Most photographers and clients who work with children are experienced. So, they’ll expect that kids might be a little less focused than adult models. Still, they will expect a certain level of focus and concentration.

If your child is very easily distracted and struggles to maintain attention on a task, modelling may not be for them. However, if they can follow basic directions and stay on task, modelling could be a great activity for them to try!

A calm temperament

In the case of much younger children or babies, there isn’t really an expectation that they’ll have great concentration skills. This is where it comes down to a child’s temperament instead. If they have a generally calm and happy demeanour, your child might be great at modelling! One thing to remember, if your child is teething or having a particularly difficult time (think the ‘terrible twos’), you may want to scale back the amount of modelling jobs you try to get for them.

Modelling for Kids: Where to get started

Casting Kids has been helping kids break into the modelling industry for over 16 years now. We represent all children from babies through to 16 years old, and we work with children of all abilities. If you’d like to get your child started in modelling, it’s a great way to boost their self-esteem and teach them some new skills. We can help, and we get to know all of our kids personally to ensure we only present them with the right opportunities. Contact us today if you want the right agency to represent your child’s acting and modelling career.

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