Does your child love being in the spotlight? Always eager to perform in front of family and friends? Not every child is interested in, or suitable for acting, but so many children enjoy the art of performing. If yours wants to explore acting as a career, or even just a way to make a little extra money, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Get involved in school drama

The way that many children generate an interest in acting is through school. It might be school plays, drama classes or other opportunities to perform. If your child expresses an interest in acting, this is definitely the first place you should look. Most schools encourage the performing arts and therefore your child should have many chances to see if they enjoy it.

The great thing about this is there’s very little cost. So, if they decide they don’t like performing, you’ve lost nothing but some time.

Acting and dance classes

The next step, if your child does enjoy performing, is to get them enrolled in some more professional classes. Depending on their age, acting and dance classes aren’t necessarily too full-on. But they will learn the basics of performing. They also learn how to follow directions and develop coordination skills. Again, if your child realises they don’t enjoy it, that’s ok. Trying things is exactly how they discover what they’re passionate about.

Find child acting representation

You can try to find auditions advertised online or elsewhere. That’s certainly how some people are discovered. However, getting auditions through a reputable casting agency is a much better way to go. Firstly, you’ll end up working with clients who have been ‘vetted’ by the agency. This means they should provide safe working environments, be reliable with payment and understand how to work with kids.

Secondly, you’ll get more exposure to a range of auditions. Reputable child acting agencies usually have a lot of clients, plenty of work, and more opportunities for your child.

Prepare for auditions

Finally, to get that first acting job, your child will need to do well at auditions. Your casting agency can help with tips, but it’s all about preparation. Check out our article here for some more ideas on audition preparation. Nail those auditions, and there’s no telling how far your child could go. The world of acting is a lot of fun, so if your child loves it, encourage them wherever possible.

Want to start your child acting?

Casting Kids has been representing children from babies through to 16 years old for more than a decade. As a fully inclusive casting agency, we work with children of all abilities. If your child wants to explore the world of acting, we’d love to meet them. We like to meet all of our kids and families so that we can understand your child’s goals and interests. It’s that personal service that sets us apart from the rest.

For the best child acting agency in Melbourne, contact Casting Kids today and find out how we can help.

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