Some kids seem destined to be a star. If your child loves to strike a pose for the camera or enjoys costume play, then modelling might be the right career path for them.

But when should you consider joining a modelling agency for kids? Here we will discuss when and why engaging the services of a talent agency might be useful.

Is my child serious about modelling?

The very first step when your child shows an interest in modelling is finding out how much they actually want to be a model. How hard are they willing to work? What level of sacrifice are they willing to make? Do they know what it means to be a model? These are extremely pertinent questions that will inform how you move forward.

Because behind the glamourous façade, modelling can be a lot of hard work; long hours where concentration, following instructions, and attending auditions/shoots can mean time away from other after-school or weekend activities.

If your child shows a middling interest, but not much enthusiasm it may be a good idea to wait and see how they perform at some open call auditions. If they enjoy the process, this may spark some passion and eagerness to invest more energy into pursuing a modelling career. At this point, you may find it beneficial to engage a modelling agency for kids.

How do I find a good modelling agency?

Finding the right modelling agency for kids that offers a trustworthy, dedicated service will involve research. Luckily, most talent agencies today have a strong online presence. So, you can find out a lot about their services, requirements, and reputation from social media, reviews, and their website.

A good modelling agency for kids will have a list of highly-respected clients ensuring that your child will be working with some of the most professional and experienced people in the industry. This ensures your child makes great industry connections. Also, the model castings they’re sent for are reputable.

A reliable modelling agency for kids will offer transparency at every stage. You should be assured that your child is safe. Also, that working hours are reasonable, and all relevant employment laws are being followed. This requires comprehensive consultation with your talent agency to determine if they have the level of experience, professionalism, and industry knowledge to protect your child’s welfare.

The best modelling agency for kids in Melbourne

Passionate about finding the right job for your child, Casting Kids is the modelling agency of choice in Melbourne. Our dedicated talent agents work hard to represent your child and promote their skills to industry-leading clients across the state.

Castings Kids is committed to personalised service and has a strong focus on inclusivity and diversity. Our boutique agency offers friendly, professional representation to children of all abilities between the ages of 0 and 16 years.

So, when you are considering a modelling agency for kids, contact Casting Kids today to find out more about our talent services.

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