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What Should a Child Casting Agency in Melbourne Offer?

child casting agency melbourne

If your child is interested in trying some acting or modelling, there are some great opportunities out there. The only difficulty is finding the right kind of help. That’s why you need a reputable, professional child casting agency in Melbourne. A lot of people understand the auditions process, and even what to expect on a set, but there’s not as much information available about what a casting agency should do for you. So, to help you navigate through choosing the right agency, this information should help!

What does a child casting agency in Melbourne Do?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what a child agency does. Many people think a casting agency guarantees work, however that’s not the case. An agency should represent your child at all times with honesty and transparency. Sometimes, that may even mean letting you know they can’t represent your child.

It’s the casting agency’s job to determine if they believe they can find work for your child, and if not, it would be unethical to take your registration fees. If an agency chooses to represent you, they should refer your child for work and actively promote them to clients. However, there is never any guarantee of work because casting directors and clients ultimately have the final say. That being said, without a child casting agency in Melbourne, it can be difficult to obtain auditions, so it’s definitely worth it.

Here are a few things a casting agency should offer.


Representation means referring your child for suitable jobs. Most reputable agencies will have a list of quality clients who regularly seek them out for actors and models. Larger clients particularly, won’t but open casting calls out to the public – they use agencies. So, in order to get the best jobs, a casting agency is a must.

Professional photo sessions

If you haven’t already got some professional photos, that’s ok. Agencies understand that children will have less experience than their older counterparts, so they can help. Most registration fees will include a professional photo session, because this makes it easier to market your child to acting and modelling jobs.

Profile on industry websites

There are entertainment industry websites and networks that make the whole process of referring and auditioning a lot easier. For example, at Casting Kids, all of our kids get a profile on Casting Networks. This is where the professional photo comes in, and we’ll put together a profile on your child’s behalf.

This gives casting directors and clients a way to easily receive referrals and select who they’d like to see for an audition. So, make sure your casting agency will be profiling your child to increase their chance of finding work.

Want the best child casting agency in Melbourne?

Here at Casting Kids, we’ve represented plenty of children, and we’ve also got a great list of clients. If you’d like to register your child for acting and modelling work, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at any time if you have questions, or to find out more about what we do here at Casting Kids.