Has your child been bitten by the acting or modelling bug? Kids often love performing, and it’s often a great sign that they would enjoy acting, modelling or the performing arts. However, trying to find auditions for kids in Melbourne can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The best way to access more acting and modelling auditions is with representation. A children’s talent agency will help you and your child navigate the tricky entertainment industry. But what sorts of auditions are actually available? Let’s look at some common ones.


TV commercials often feature children. However, advertisements today aren’t just for TV. Thanks to the digital revolution, commercials are everywhere online. Roles for kids in advertising campaigns certainly aren’t limited to children’s products. You’ll probably recognise plenty of popular advertising campaigns for cars, holidays, food products and a whole lot more featuring kids in prominent roles.

The type of audition will vary depending on the age requirement. For example, if it were a commercial for nappies, the casting director typically wants a baby. Usually, they’ll just be looking for a certain temperament because obviously babies haven’t quite developed their acting chops yet.

Roles for older kids or teens require a more intense audition process. They may be required to dress a certain way or deliver some lines, so it’s all about preparation.


Children’s modelling takes many different forms. Think about the enormous range of advertising in the modern world, such as magazines, catalogues, newspapers, websites, social media and more. Because there is so much variety in advertising, that means there’s a huge variety of modelling roles for kids.

When attending a modelling audition, children need to show a good temperament. But older kids will also need to take some direction in terms of their movement and posing. This gets easier with experience, but it never hurts to help your child practice before an audition. Best of all, the practice isn’t hard, because most children love playing dress-ups!

TV and movies

Many TV shows and movies require child actors. Whether it’s a significant role or not, these spots are always pretty hotly contested. It’s a great way to get children into the industry and give them more experience.

When you attend these auditions for kids in Melbourne, there will likely be some quite experienced performers there. So, again, preparation is the key. Roles for older children will almost certainly require some speaking too, so you’ll need to help your youngsters practice their lines.

Want more auditions for kids in Melbourne?

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