If your child is showing an interesting in modelling, you’re probably wondering if you need a child modelling agency. Well, the simple answer is ‘yes’. Most bigger clients such as department stores and popular retailers seek referrals from a modelling agency. This is easier for them, because they know they’re only auditioning children who have been pre-screened and deemed suitable.

So, what exactly do child modelling agencies in Melbourne do?

Meeting and Getting to Know Your Child

One of the most important things a modelling agency should do is get to know your child. It’s not all about a photograph, and it’s also not about what they’ve done before. A good casting agency will really get to know your child’s personality, their likes, dislikes, and also how they work in a modelling setting.

If you apply to a child modelling agency and they’re not really interested in you and your family, it’s time to look elsewhere. Likewise, if they only want a picture and short bio, they can’t really serve your child properly.

Referring Your Child for Modelling Work

Major clients will send requests through to trusted casting agencies whenever they have a need for child models. It’s much easier than advertising themselves, because they simply don’t have the time. For example, a sporting goods store may need some child models for an upcoming catalogue. It’s the modelling agency’s job to check their roster of registered models and refer those who would be best suited. If your child fits the client’s requirements, they should be referred for an opportunity.

Helping You Through the Casting Process

After being referred for a modelling job, the child modelling agency in Melbourne will be notified who the client wants to see. Your child may be asked to attend casting sessions. This is so the client can meet your child and also see how they work in front of the camera. It’s essentially an audition, and an opportunity for your child to strut their stuff!

Especially if you and your child are new to modelling, your casting agency should help you through the process. They may provide you with some tips and suggestions of what to wear, and also talk you through the casting session. You’ll also receive important details such as time, date, location and client contact.

What are the costs of joining a child modelling agency in Melbourne?

The costs of joining an agency will vary. Reputable agencies will charge an annual fee, which includes everything. This may include photo sessions, a profile on their website and also 12 months of representation.

If agencies are charging separate fees for referrals or other normal casting requirements, they are likely not the right agency for you.

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