Kids of any age who are interested in acting will be very excited if given an opportunity to pursue their passion. However, it’s not quite as easy as getting an audition and hitting the big screen. There’s a lot of work that goes into acting, and sometimes even a lot of disappointment. Likewise, it’s a great challenge and also extremely rewarding. So, if you’ve got little ones who are interested in acting, here’s some advice from one of Melbourne’s acting agencies.

Be comfortable performing in front of people

This might be an obvious piece of advice, but stage fright is a very real thing! Especially during auditions, it’s a pretty daunting experience for anybody. Even if you ace the audition, all acting requires some public performance. Even if you’re not on stage, there are usually plenty of people watching you on set.

So, before you consider acting as a career, make sure you enjoy performing in front of several pairs of eyes!

Make acting about fun, not money

For many, acting is a career. For kids though, you need to maintain an element of fun. Even if your heart is set on having a career as an actor when you’re older, it’s important not to lose your childhood.

Make sure acting is still fun, rather than just a financial pursuit, because you’ll enjoy it for far longer if you maintain that fun.

Be willing to test yourself

Acting is a tough business in the sense that there’s far more actors out there than there are roles. That means you can’t always be too choosy about the roles you audition for. You may not think an opportunity is perfect for you, however like most things in life, acting is all about challenging yourself.

Melbourne acting agencies need you to ‘prepare, prepare, prepare’

Preparation is always the key in acting, because it significantly helps your performance. For auditions, always learn your lines thoroughly. You should also make sure you dress appropriately and really understand the role you’re auditioning for. When it comes to nailing an audition, preparation is everything!

Be able to take direction

If you’re not able to take direction and follow instructions, you won’t have a great career in acting. Most directors have a very clear picture of what they want you to say, do and how to look. When you’re on set, you’ll need to be comfortable following instructions and taking the job seriously.

Missing out on a role is part of acting

Finally, prepare for a little disappointment along the way. There aren’t many actors of any age who are successful in winning every role they audition for. Plus, especially while you’re young it’s all a learning experience. So, if you miss out on a role, don’t get disheartened. Just try to learn what you could have done better, and move on to the next opportunity!

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