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Finding Quality Melbourne Modelling Agencies

melbourne modelling agencies

Are you looking for Melbourne modelling agencies that can truly help your child’s career? Here are some tips for finding the right one.

Ask about the client list

Every modelling agency has a client list that they work with regularly. This is the list of businesses that use the agency to source models. For example, some of the bigger names on our client list include Big W, Mazda, Bonds, Target, Kmart and many more. Other agencies may only work with boutique clients, which is totally fine too, however, they may not be able to offer as many auditions.

If the agency you’re considering is vague about its client list, or they simply don’t have many clients, it may not represent the best value for you or your child.

Attend an initial meeting

Most Melbourne modelling agencies want to meet their models before signing up. This is ultimately to ensure the child is a good fit for the agency, and vice versa. While it’s quite convenient to do everything online, at the very least you should expect to be offered an initial meeting via video link.

These first meetings are a great way to use your gut feel. Not every decision needs to be backed up by facts and figures. So, you’ll know if an agency feels supportive, friendly, reliable and professional. If you don’t get good vibes from the initial meeting, it’s probably best to try elsewhere.

How much do Melbourne modelling agencies charge?

Typically, you have two choices when it comes to paying for the services of a Melbourne modelling agency. Well, when we say choice, every agency has different payment structures but there are usually two types.

Firstly, you can pay a percentage fee. So, for any income your child makes, your agency will take a percentage. While this seems like a fair process, there is one glaring issue with it. This type of fee structure means that agencies get paid whether they refer your child or not. It creates a temptation to only send the most experienced child models to auditions.

Alternatively, some agencies, like Casting Kids, use an annual fee. This means you pay the same amount each year for 12 months of representation and other benefits. We feel this is the fairest system because it encourages us to refer all suitable children for auditions. As a parent, if your child isn’t getting auditions, you’re unlikely to keep paying the annual fees year after year.

Does the agency guarantee work?

This tip can be a bit of a minefield, to be honest. Some agencies guarantee they can find modelling work for your child. This sounds amazing, and if true, then you’ve found a great one. But the reality is, casting agencies can’t guarantee work. The agency’s clients make the final call on who gets a modelling job, based on auditions and other factors.

So, a reputable agency doesn’t really guarantee success, because they know it’s not possible. What they can guarantee is the proper representation and plenty of referrals to auditions.

Looking for reliable Melbourne modelling agencies?

If you’d like to help your child start a career in modelling, Casting Kids is the smart choice. We’re fully inclusive, supportive and give your child the opportunities he or she needs. Contact us today to find out more.