Do you have a child interested in acting or modelling? Many kids are natural born performers, and as parents we’ve got an opportunity to encourage that. That may lead you to consider getting your child into the entertainment industry. It’s a great platform for a future career, but it’s also great for confidence and growing their life skills.

Not all kid’s talent agencies are created equal, but here at Casting Kids we represent children from 6 months to 16 years old. So, here’s exactly why we think you can get an advantage from using kid’s talent agencies.

Professional representation

Firstly, you get professional representation. Often that includes photoshoots which provide a great marketing tool. It also includes access to a networking website, where your child’s bio can be kept and easily distributed to clients who are looking for talent. But most of all, there’s someone genuinely in your corner.

Navigating the entertainment industry can be tricky, so it’s helpful to have someone you can rely on. Kid’s talent agencies are there to support you, offer advice and give direction. It sure beats doing everything by yourself.

Kids talent agencies can book auditions

The obvious advantage you get from signing with a talent agency is access to auditions. Many bigger clients don’t bother advertising for talent. They have trusted agents they use, meaning your only way into these auditions is often through an agency.

When a client contacts your agent for potential candidates, there’s a chance your child will be referred. If the director or client likes your child’s profile, you could find an audition is just around the corner. The alternative, of course, is scouring the internet and social media for opportunities, which is often a minefield of unprofessional operations.

Advice and help preparing for auditions

In addition to actually booking auditions for your child, a talent agent can help you prepare for the process. Most kid’s talent agencies understand that parents and kids who are new to the industry need a little help. It’s hard to know what to expect from auditions, so having an industry professional to offer advice is invaluable. So, you don’t just get auditions. You also get a better chance at nailing them.

Are all kids talent agencies the same?

Unfortunately, no. Like any industry, there are outliers in the kid’s talent agency field. Some only refer a select few kids to jobs but happily take your annual fees. Some don’t offer the support you need, and others simply don’t have good clients.

The benefit of a reputable agency is access to good jobs, and more certainty around payments, and this isn’t something all agencies offer.

The best kid’s talent agency in Melbourne!

We’ve got a reputation for professional, reliable and honest representation. That’s why the kids and families we represent love working with us. Our clients also know we run a professional agency, giving them the confidence to seek us out for candidates. For kid’s talent agencies you can trust, contact us today at Casting Kids.

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