Many parents out there have probably thought about getting their sone or daughter involved in acting and modelling. Children love being the centre of attention, and some show more enthusiasm for performing than others. So, if you’ve got a youngster who has some flair and interest in performing, acting and modelling could be just the thing for them.

But how do you actually get children involved? Of course, they can get into drama at school, or even externally take some classes. But to actually get them into the industry, you’ll need to explore casting for kids. That’s the way they can really get their break, so here’s what you need to know.

Choosing a reputable child talent agency

Firstly, you need to seek out a reputable casting agency. Much like us here at Casting Kids, there are agencies who specialises in representing children and babies. However, as parents you naturally want to make sure your children are protected. That means finding an agency with a good reputation.

When choosing a casting agency, look for ones who show genuine care for their kids, and also ones who have a range of good clients.

Casting for kids: Meeting your casting agent

Once you’ve chosen a casting agent, you’ll attend a first meeting. This is usually so the agent can learn more about your child and your family. You’ll talk about goals, expectations, and the agent will decide whether they’d like to offer registration to your child.

Good casting agencies don’t register every child, because they want to be sure they can find work for the kids. A reputable agent will be honest and tell you if they’re not confident finding work for your child.

Referrals to casting directors

The next step is a referral to casting directors. This is where a company puts the call out to casting agencies, seeking suitable kids to audition. If your child fits a particular job, your agent will let you know that an audition will be coming up.

This referral process usually happens behind the scenes, and you might not be notified of every single referral. This is because ultimately the client has the final say on who they’d like to see. This is another reason you want to have confidence that your agency is truly representing your child well.

Attending auditions

If your child is lucky enough to be selected for an audition, that’s where the preparation begins. You’ll be given information about the client, the job and what’s expected at audition. Casting for kids is a fun process, and it’s important you and your child are relaxed. Generally, directors want to see your child’s personality shine. So, while there’s certainly a need to remember lines and be familiar with characters in some instances, mostly, it’s all about having fun.

Want the best casting for kids in Melbourne?

Here at Casting Kids, we represent children of all abilities from ages 6 months through to 16 years. Contact us at any time if you have questions, or to find out more about what we do here at Casting Kids.

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