So your baby is adorable, and you’ve decided to show the world! Rosy cheeks, toothy smiles and adorable giggles are just some of the best parts of baby actors. Brands are constantly on the lookout for the next face of their company. Baby acting auditions in Melbourne can be highly competitive, so it’s important to know how to give your child the best chance.

But how can you control the audition? What’s the best way to prepare? What should you bring? Let’s talk about some of the dos and don’ts of baby acting auditions in Melbourne, and how to have to best experience for you and your child.

Do: Dress your baby like a baby

While it might be tempting to dress your child up in frilly outfits or mature costumes, it’s important to remember the audition’s purpose. Baby acting auditions in Melbourne are for one thing – babies! The casting directors want to see your child looking its age, so dress your baby in simple, neat, age-appropriate clothes. If you’re auditioning for a specific brand, it’s also worth thinking about competitor labels to ensure brand names aren’t distinctly visible.

Don’t: Be late for auditions!

Your child may be the most important part of your world, but casting agents will likely have an entire roster of babies to see during the audition process. If you’re late, you will more than likely you’re your audition, and all the preparation will have been for nothing. When attending your auditions, make sure to arrive early before your slot. Always be fully ready to meet with the directors when your baby’s name is called.


Do: Come prepared with a photo and measurements

When you arrive at the auditions, the agents will likely take a digital photo of your child to show what they look like at the casting. However, you should also bring a current photo of your baby from home, along with recent measurements – babies change very fast, so make sure that everything is up to date!


Don’t: Distract your child

Babies might be cute, but they are also fascinated by everyone and everything around them. To give your child the greatest chance of success, try to minimise distractions during the audition process. Have the least attached parent attend the audition, and check beforehand to see if your baby is transfixed by anything bright or noisy that may interrupt or affect the casting.


Do: Learn from your mistakes!

From showing up late to forgetting favourite toys, every parent makes mistakes when it comes to their baby’s acting audition. While you can’t take them back, it’s important to make a note of what did and didn’t work. Then you can ensure that you don’t repeat the same errors next time.  

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Whether it’s your child’s first audition, or they’re a seasoned professional, there are always tips and tricks for making every audition run smoother. If you follow these tips, you’re sure to have a stress-free, more enjoyable casting experience for everyone involved. At Casting Kids, we know how to get the best out of your baby. We create a fun, inclusive environment for child actors and parents alike. Contact us today to find out more about our representation services, or just to learn more about tips and tricks for your baby’s audition!

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