As one of many child modelling agencies in Melbourne, we can say that kids can benefit greatly from modelling. From financial gain to gaining confidence, the industry offers so much.

Does your child like the idea of modelling?

Before we go further, you need to ask yourself this question first. You need to know if your child actually wants to model. Why? The truth is, even if you support this possible career, your kid may not want to do it. Not every child does. So you have to check if they’re up to the idea. As one of many child modelling agencies in Melbourne, we suggest observing how they behave when you dress them up & make them pose for photos. If they love it, great! If not, we suggest leaving the idea behind for now. Try again in a year or two. Insisting on modelling may not work well for their growth & your relationship as parent & child.

The benefits of modelling

Various benefits await children & their families who do like the idea of modelling. 

Earning their own money

Among the many benefits modelling offers, this one usually comes to mind first. Indeed, modelling can have your child earning anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars depending on the client. However, entering the industry doesn’t automatically mean they will be booked. Even after signing up with one of many child modelling agencies in Melbourne like Casting Kids, agents cannot guarantee work for your child. The decision lies with each client. We can only do our best to put them forward for all suitable work.

Learning to follow directions & cooperate

Teaching children how to listen to & follow directions is important for their growth as an individual. They will learn this in the industry since they need to follow instructions given by photographers, creative directors & casting directors. Then as they learn how to listen to & follow directions, they also learn how to cooperate. 

Developing self-confidence

Modelling can enhance your kids’ self-confidence. As one of many child modelling agencies in Melbourne, we remind parents & kids to treat each casting call as an opportunity to express themselves & have fun. When children can freely express who they are, they become more confident & exude it. Still, as a parent, you play a critical part in all of these. By telling your child how beautiful they are inside & out, you help them build a strong foundation to be confident.

Learning to deal with rejection

The truth is your child will face rejection at some point in their life. This includes modelling. As we’ve mentioned above, child modelling agencies in Melbourne cannot guarantee work for your child. The decision to hire falls with each client. So, children could face a lot of rejection in the industry. Coping with it is an important trait that they need to develop. With this, modelling can also teach your child how to deal with rejection. It can help them grow some thick skin which is vital in the business.

Again, as a parent, you play an integral role in this. Your encouragement will help them cope. By reassuring them that they are beautiful, you help them remain confident. Then by telling them that it’s okay & to try again, you instil in them that rejection is part of life & that there are still other opportunities out there.

Final thoughts

Indeed, your child can reap a lot of benefits from modelling. Don’t hesitate to give it a go if they seem interested. To help you with the ins & outs of modelling, we suggest signing up with one of the many child modelling agencies in Melbourne. And here at Casting Kids, we pride ourselves in offering a friendly & personalised approach to each of our models & their families. The same goes for our clients. On that, we’ve developed a strong reputation among our clients who trust us for our in-depth market knowledge & unwavering professionalism. So, whether you’d like to know more or want to start your child’s modelling career, just call us at 1300 020 285 or send an email to

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