If you’re a parent, your phone is probably filled with hundreds of your kids’ photos. Moreover, you most likely never get tired of browsing through those. On that, has modelling ever crossed your mind? Other than the glitz & glamour it offers, kids modelling in Melbourne helps your children be more confident & aim high. In this post, we discuss some points on how to get your kids into modelling in Melbourne.

Determine if your kids like modelling.

Unless your children are still bubs, we suggest asking them if they like modelling first. Why is this important? As with anything else, modelling takes passion. If your kids do not seem to like it, it may be counterproductive to helping them grow. Furthermore, it can form a feeling of resentment in them if you insist. 

If you need help in doing this, we suggest observing how they respond when taking photos & making them pose. Are they up to it or cranky? If they seem to like it, great! If they don’t, leave it for now. You can always try again after a year or two to see if their stand has changed.

Once you know that they like the idea of modelling, try doing a mock photoshoot. Have them wear different outfits including ones they don’t like. Why? We recommend doing this because this happens in modelling. Kids modelling in Melbourne sometimes involves wearing outfits that children don’t like, even if the clothes look great. 

Know your end goal.

Determine what you, and more importantly, your kids want to get out of modelling. What’s your end goal? Is it to help your kids be more confident & sociable? To help create a financial foundation for them? To help your kids make a career out of it? What about your kids? Do they want to do more modelling in the future? Kids modelling in Melbourne can offer a lot. Knowing what your end goals are will help you & your kids get the most out of it.

Partner with a reputable kids modelling agency in Melbourne.

After knowing your end goals, finding the right agency that specialises in kids modelling in Melbourne should be next on your list. Partnering with the right agency can make all the difference in your kids’ young modelling careers. Not only will the right one have a great network to promote your kids but more importantly, they know how to hone your kids’ talent. About this, agencies typically have a sign-up fee. Here at Casting Kids, we use the fee to promote your kids as much as possible. We make sure each dollar goes into putting your kids forward to all suitable work.

Put together your kids’ portfolios.

All models (including kids) must have their portfolio. It provides a glimpse into how they would fare in different types of modelling. Typically, a portfolio includes the following:

  • A headshot (from the chest up) which shows of your child’s face;
  • Full body shot (from head to toes); and a
  • Character/looks shots (wearing different types of outfits or portraying different looks like sports & fantasy).

A reputable agency can greatly help you with this. As an agency that caters to kids modelling in Melbourne, Casting Kids arranges photo sessions with expert photographers & creative directors who can best showcase each model.

Secure the applicable work permit.

Secure the applicable work permit for your kids. Additionally, take note & follow the work hour & day limits specified by your local government. To know more, you can check the website of Youth Law Australia. Again, a seasoned agency specialising in kids modelling in Melbourne like us would know these so you won’t have to start from scratch. We can inform you of the work permit needed along with laws to abide by.

Final Thoughts

Kids modelling in Melbourne can offer a lot to you & your kids. On that, knowing your end goals & partnering with the right agency will help ensure that you can make the most out of it. 

Here at Casting Kids, not only do we commit to putting your kids forward but also promoting inclusion & diversity. So, we make sure to represent kids of all abilities including those with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy & limb differences. 

If you have any questions or want to chat, you can always call us at 1300 020 285. You can also send an email to office@castingkids.com.au. Together, let’s unlock your kids’ modelling potential.  

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