Partnering with a kids talent agency in Melbourne like Casting Kids is critical to your child’s career. From having industry connections to knowing what works best for your kids, an agency can greatly help your child. For this post, we will talk about the advantages of teaming up with one.

Working as one team

A kids talent agency in Melbourne works with you & your child. With a long-standing relationship with clients, agents can guide your child on how to best present themselves.

Here at Casting Kids, we become one team when you partner with us. While we cannot guarantee work for your child (no agency can) since the decision falls with each client, we always commit to putting them forward for each suitable work. If they get booked, we’ll celebrate with you. If they don’t, we’ll try again. 

Access to casting calls & auditions 

Major local & global brands only work with established agencies to get the talent they need. Teaming with a talent agency gives you access to casting calls & auditions which you would otherwise have not known about. Our years of experience have helped us develop industry connections that help us secure these. However, as mentioned above, we cannot guarantee that your child will get hired for each casting call or audition they go to. Still, their exposure to each one could put them front of mind or for consideration for a client’s future projects.

Safeguarding your child’s best interests 

A kids talent agency in Melbourne works with different clients. Before putting your child forward for a job, we screen clients first. We ask them the necessary questions. This also ensures that they are the right fit for your child & the agency. Thus, we help you not only get the best chance of getting your child booked but also nurture their modelling career.

Moreover, part of safeguarding your child’s best interest also means making sure you get paid as you deserve. A good kids talent agency in Melbourne negotiates with each client to get you a fair pay. Then once a job is done, we follow up with the client until we secure it.

Preventing future conflicts 

A kids talent agency in Melbourne knows the ins & outs of the industry. As agents, we don’t only help you nurture your child’s career but also avoid potential problems. We go through each contract to make sure everything is fair for the client & you. By reading the terms & explaining them to you, we also prevent future troubles. These include conflicts of interest in case a similar client wants to book your child.

Final thoughts 

With all things said, partnering with a kids talent agency in Melbourne has a lot of advantages. Our in-depth market knowledge & industry connections allow us to help you nurture your child’s budding career. Here at Casting Kids, this could not be more true. We take pride in having an ongoing relationship with each child & a thorough understanding of their personality.

If you’d like to chat about the modelling potential of your child or want to start working on it, we’re here for you. Just call us at 1300 020 285 or send an email to You can also reach us through Facebook or Instagram.

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