Has your child shown an interest in acting or modelling? Do you often get told by others that your child could be on TV? These are both some good signs that you might want to consider looking for casting agents in Melbourne. Of course, just because a child loves being the centre of attention, that doesn’t mean they’re ready for stardom. But it’s certainly a sign that you may want to look further into the performing arts.

Here are a few other ways you might know it’s time to consider an agent.

Your child wants to be an actor

The first one is pretty obvious, of course, and that’s when your child tells you they want to be an actor. Many children say this, however, there are certain kids who really mean it. So, if your child says they want to act, why not explore this further with them?

Ask if they would be interested in taking acting lessons. Maybe there’s a school play they could try out for. Of course, you can try to get an agent straight away, but it’s always a good idea to see if children really like acting or modelling first. They may love the idea of being on TV, but they also might be terrified of performing in front of people, so it’s always best to test the waters first.

They perform well in productions

For most kids, the need for a casting agent doesn’t come out of nowhere. Often, they will already be interested in performing. Whether it’s dancing in front of family and friends, singing in a choir or acting in a school play, there are many ways for kids to show their desire to perform.

If your child is already having fun performing in local arts society plays or school productions and you think they’ve got something special, it might be time to consider a casting agent in Melbourne.

You notice other kids getting opportunities

We don’t suggest that you thrust your child into acting just because other kids are doing it. However, if you notice that other children are going to auditions or appearing in TV commercials, it might be worth thinking about. As long as your child is interested, of course. Acting and modelling are professions you should never push kids into. But if they want to, and they see their friends having fun with it, why not give it a try?

Want casting agents in Melbourne you can trust?

Casting Kids has a long history of representing children with all abilities. Our kids range from babies up to 16 years old. We’ve got a strong reputation in the industry because we always deliver great kids to our clients. This is why so many clients trust us.

If you think your child has what it takes to be an actor or model, we’d love to meet you. We don’t sign every child who applies, because we want to be certain we can find work for them. If we don’t think that’s likely, we won’t take your registration fees. Having said that, we are completely inclusive and don’t discriminate against any child who wants to be a star!

Contact Casting Kids today to find out more about how we can help you and your child. We’re the casting agents in Melbourne you can trust.

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