The entertainment industry can be an intimidating and confusing world. When your child chooses a career in acting, you need to be aware of all the ins and outs of the trade to take full advantage of the opportunities available. Fortunately, this is where an acting agency can help. They will take care of the nitty-gritty, introduce your child to the relevant people and enable your child access to work as an actor.

But do acting agencies guarantee your child work? And what benefits do they offer you and your child? We are here to talk you through how an acting agency can help your child progress in their acting career.


Engaging an acting agency to represent your child is extremely beneficial. In fact, you could say it’s crucial. Acting agencies are your connection to the acting world. Above all else, they advocate for your child on your behalf by speaking to the right people and putting your child in front of as many casting directors as appropriate. They have extensive experience in the kinds of things directors look for in auditions, and provide you with advice and guidance through the whole process.

Acting agencies are your first-hand link to the entertainment industry. Therefore, they can be invaluable in your child finding and securing work as an actor.

Acting agencies present opportunities

With a reputable acting agency on your side, your child will have access to an extensive range of job opportunities. Certainly, this is exactly what your child needs to increase their chances of securing a role, whilst fostering their exposure within the industry. The more roles your child is put forward for, the greater the chance of being hired. And this experience can only be helpful in leading your child to more acting work.

Like anything, the more you try the higher your chances. This is no different in the entertainment industry. Whilst there are no definites, in this or any industry, the more your child’s name is out there, the more chance the right people will get to hear it and want your child in their production.


Acting agencies will find the right auditions for your child. They have the necessary connections within the industry to enable your child to be put forward for as many suitable auditions as practical until they find work. They will recommend only the most reputable, legit auditions to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. Additionally, you can rest assured your child will be working with some of the most professional and experienced people in the industry.

Ultimately, acting agencies are there specifically to find work for your child. They are only satisfied in their work when your child finds work. And they will ensure your child has the best opportunities by offering access to the best, most suitable, auditions.

One of Australia’s leading acting agencies

Casting Kids has a long history of providing personalised service to each and every one of our clients. Our main focus is on finding work for your child. We represent children of all abilities from the age of 0-16. So, if you want to have one of the best acting agencies in Australia representing your child, contact us at Casting Kids.

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