When children develop an interest in acting or modelling, they’ll be happy to skip school for some work. But the fact is, acting jobs, and to a lesser extent modelling, will have an impact on their school work. Many casting sessions occur during school hours. So, while it may not be a big deal to skip a few hours for a casting session, the actual job is a different story.

If your child is lucky enough to be chosen for acting work, the time requirements increase dramatically. Here’s a few ways that acting and modelling can affect a child’s schooling, and how to cope with it.

Take control

Firstly, it’s important to remember that you’re in control. When it comes to your child’s well-being, you need to put them first. Acting and modelling comes second. Children will of course always want to go and do something fun, especially if it means getting out of school! But it’s your right as a parent to just say no if things are impacting their education too much.

At the end of the day, a child’s education is the most important thing. Therefore, you should never feel pressured by casting agents, directors or anybody else. You’re the parent, so you have the final say.

Work together with the school

Chances are you’ll need some assistance from your child’s school if they’re taking up acting or modelling. Firstly, you may ask if teachers can provide you with some work that students can do at home. This may not be an issue for a one-off casting session, but for long-term acting jobs they will need to stay up to speed with the rest of the class.

Also, if your child is picked for a TV show or longer production, the agency applies for a permit so your child can work. To get this permit, the school will need to sign off on it. So, just be upfront with your school and work with them to make sure everything is above board.

Tutors on set

Finally, if your child makes it onto a larger production, they have a right to have tutors on set. You’ll still need the school’s assistance in delivering appropriate work, but a tutor is there to help. It’s not uncommon for larger productions to have tutors on standby, and this can also form part of the job contract.

Find an acting and modelling agency that cares

To make sure your child’s education isn’t affected by acting and modelling jobs, having the right casting agency behind you can help. Not only can they assist with contracts when it comes to having tutors available, or study time built into scheduling, but they can also guide you and your child through the process. A great casting agency is there to help your child, and they will always ensure their well-being is a top priority. Contact us today if you want the right agency to represent your child’s acting and modelling career.

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