Teens looking for acting work can be overwhelmed at times. Let’s face it, there’s a lot going on. School, possibly casual jobs, hormones, relationships changing. It’s a difficult time, so if you throw some acting auditions in there too, it can be stress city. Casting for teens isn’t always a walk in the park, that’s why it’s important to know what to expect and do a few simple things to make life easier.

Here’s a few tips that can make it easy for teens to nail those auditions!

Preparation is the key

There’s probably nothing more important than preparation. Casting for teens is just like a job interview, and you wouldn’t turn up unprepared to one of those. Think of your director like your potential new boss. If possible, you should research what they’ve done before, because this might give you some insight into what they like to see from their teen actors.

You should also prepare for the specific role you’re auditioning for. It’s not just about memorising lines, although this is obviously important. Think about what you can bring to the character and how you want to present your version of the character.

Don’t be afraid to audition for younger roles

In the acting world, many actors end up playing younger roles. This is particularly common in the younger age groups because directors will favour an older, more experienced actor who can appear younger. However, as teens, you’re kind of stuck between taking young teen roles or older roles.

Older roles are often more demanding and may not be appropriate, depending on the production. Sticking with younger roles is not only more appropriate, but it also gives you more options and a better chance.

Worry about acting over looks

There is a lot of pressure on teenagers when it comes to looks. Peer pressure, social media influence – it all seems to conspire into a situation where teens are worried about their looks. But, take a look around on TV and in movies. There’s a popular misconception that acting is only for the so-called ‘beautiful people’. The fact is, the acting world has roles for absolutely any appearance type.

Furthermore, acting ability is far more important than looks. Let the makeup artists and costume designers worry about that while you bring the best acting you can to all casting for teens.

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