Some children just love getting involved in every activity they can, but not all kids are the same. As parents it can be concerning to us if a child doesn’t seem to have any particular interest in things. Similarly, it can be tough to pin some children down to just a couple of major interests! As children’s agents, we understand that some kids just take longer than others to find things they’re really passionate about, so that’s not a problem. But there are some things you can try in the hopes of unlocking an interest.

Talk to your child

It might sound obvious, but talking is one of the best ways to find out your child’s interests. Of course, we know that children are experts at giving vague answers, or no answers at all. But you can always find different ways to ask. Even just talking about some of the things they’ve done at school, or maybe what some of their friends do. If you notice a bit of excitement creeping into their voice, it’s the perfect time to ask if they’d like to give something a try!

Consider a musical instrument

Now, we appreciate the thought of an amateur musician in the house isn’t everybody’s idea of a peaceful home. However, some kids don’t even know they enjoy musical instruments until they give them a try. You might not want to rush out and buy a drum kit, but you can start with something smaller. You can also find plenty of instruments second-hand if you’re concerned about spending too much on things your child might not even enjoy.

Seek out children’s agents for acting and modelling

The confidence of children is a trait that we adults sometimes wish we could have. This makes a lot of children really suited to acting or modelling. If your child is always first to volunteer for plays at school, why not set up a meeting with a casting agent? Acting and modelling jobs can be great fun for kids, and they’ll also learn some extra money along the way!

Try some free activities

With kids who just want to do everything, the cost of activities can start to add up. The same is true for kids who want to try everything but never stick to it. Registration fees, uniforms and equipment all costs money. However, there are plenty of free activities through schools and other community group. Get involved, and see if anything really catches your child’s imagination!

Looking for great children’s agents?

If you child shows a bit of flair for the dramatic (and how many children don’t from time to time?), we’d be happy to help. Casting Kids represents children from babies up to 16 years, so if they’re keen on trying acting or modelling, give us a call! We love to meet with families and kids of all ages, so contact us today and find out more!

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