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Being Part of a Kids Movie Cast Melbourne – Things You Need to Know

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Has your child landed a role in a movie? Being part of a kids movie cast in Melbourne is a great stepping stone for all aspiring actors. However, as parents it can be a little daunting, especially if it’s the first time your youngster has been part of a production.

Most kids movie productions are aware there will be first-timers on set, and they also know how to run such productions. But you still want to make a great impression and see your kids have fun. So, here’s some things you should know to get the best out of your kids movie experience.

Keep your excitement under wraps

Many productions will ask actors and parents of actors to sign some form of confidentiality agreement. It’s quite common practice and doesn’t mean anything sinister. Basically, it means you need to keep production details to yourself. While it can certainly be tempting to let the world know your child has a role in a movie, it’s best to keep that excitement under wraps.

This means no posting on social media about the production and certainly no sharing of on-set photos. Most movies like to maintain an element of privacy, because it protects both the production and everyone involved.

Be ready to follow instructions

Most importantly, your child will need to be great at following instructions. Experienced directors certainly know what they’re doing. A kids movie cast in Melbourne requires a little more patience. However, most filming schedules are tight and the crew doesn’t have time to wait around.

We certainly recommend talking to your child before heading to set, because they need to know what to expect. Make sure they understand that when the crew need them to do something, it’s important they listen.

This also goes for the parents, or whoever is responsible for getting the children to the set. Punctuality is paramount, because when the crew is ready to shoot, everyone needs to be ready. There’s a lot of people relying on you, so being courteous and showing up on time is important.

Prepare for down-time in a kids movie cast

A movie with several child actors will normally have things in place to keep kids amused. Children need to be ready at all times, even if they’re only required for a few scenes. This can mean a lot of down-time on set.

Make sure you’re equipped to keep children occupied – it could be with schoolwork, books, toys – whatever works for your little one!

Want to join a kids movie cast in Melbourne?

The best way to get involved in a kid’s movie cast is to sign your child up with a reputable kids casting agency. At Casting Kids, we offer a personalised, friendly and also professional service that you’ll love. We’d also love to get to know your child, so contact us today!