If you’re considering getting your child into acting, this article explains why you need Melbourne acting agencies. However, we’re not going to be looking at the standard, obvious reasons you want an agency’s help. Here is some of the hidden value of signing with an acting agency.

Advice and support

Perhaps the most invaluable resource your acting agency can provide is advice. Especially where kids are concerned, they’re not likely to have a lot of experience. Acting for kids is often very different to adult acting where there’s an expectation that everybody has a certain level of proficiency.

For kids, the whole industry is new, so getting some advice from your agency is always helpful. It could be something simple, like giving you ideas on how to improve your child’s chances – maybe acting lessons or participating in local plays. Whatever advice and ongoing support you get from your agency are going to help your child in the long run.

Early notice for upcoming opportunities

When you’ve got an agency looking out for you, you’ve got more chance of finding work. That’s a given, because your agency should be contacting you when auditions come up. But the hidden benefit here is that agents know which jobs are coming up, even before they’re announced. Through their industry contacts, Melbourne acting agencies have the inside word on upcoming TV shows, movies and other larger projects that will be coming up in future.

This gives you an opportunity to plan, practice, and get your child ready for future opportunities. It’s always great to have a little advantage over the competition, and being able to prepare early for upcoming auditions is certainly one of those advantages.

Industry network profiles

While you won’t get it with all Melbourne acting agencies, one of the benefits you often find is having a profile on important industry networks. Here at Casting Kids, we provide all of our registered child actors with a profile on Casting Networks. It serves almost as a resume or portfolio, not to mention some other benefits.

So, if you’re serious about getting your child into acting, consider signing up with a reputable Melbourne acting agency. Having these profiles can mean your child gets more work.

Find the best Melbourne acting agencies today

Casting Kids has been helping children realise their dreams for over 16 years. We’re fully inclusive, signing children of all abilities. We’re also honest about your prospects, so if we feel that we won’t be able to find work for your child, we’ll tell you straight away. We love what we do, and we’re fully invested in helping our kids find work and get their start in the industry.

Contact Casting Kids today to arrange a meeting. We make a point to meet all of our children and their parents before signing, just so that we can understand your expectations and goals, and you can all ask as many questions as you like. To get started, simply call or fill out the registration form today!

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