So, you are a teen interested in acting? Great! Acting is a fantastic outlet for creativity, boosts confidence and builds useful social skills. Plus, you can start earning some money for yourself! The entertainment industry can be intimidating for a newcomer and having some idea on what to expect can be extremely handy. What is involved? And what are directors looking for when casting for teens?

Generally speaking, when casting for teens directors are searching for many different capabilities and traits during the audition process. However, most will have a few key aspects they will focus on. Here we will discuss some of the main things you should concentrate on when auditioning.

Stand out from the crowd

Personality plays a major role in casting for teens. In most cases, directors are looking for teens with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Whatever the audition, commercial, TV show or movie role, to put your best foot forward you need to show you are eager to work. Turning up to the audition appropriately dressed, lines memorised, with a friendly demeanour will demonstrate to the casting director that you are serious about the audition.

Perform with confidence

Passion for performance really shines through. A confident, self-assured teen who loves performing in front of others will be obvious to a director casting for teens.

You should take the time to learn about the industry, study other performers and broaden your range to make the most of every audition you attend. Practice in front of the mirror, perform for friends, and sign up for the school play to really hone your skills. A teen who has put in the hours prior to an audition, and has the confidence to throw everything into the performance will make a lasting impression.

Prepare and adapt

More often than not, an audition will require you to learn scripted lines. Before the audition, the lines will be given to you so you can read and prepare. Above all else, you need to practice, practice, practice! You can’t over-prepare in the entertainment industry! Preparation is the key to success when auditioning. Knowing the material off-book will definitely put you in good stead for securing the role.

Additionally, when casting teens directors might challenge you by asking you to perform some improvised lines at the audition. Being able to quickly adapt while staying in character will be an extremely valuable skill for you to have. Therefore, preparation will play a huge part in achieving this. Learning the role and a bit about the character itself will help you perform any ad-hoc changes to the script.

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