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Types of Kids Acting Jobs in Melbourne

acting jobs in melbourne

There are some great opportunities for budding performers to secure acting jobs in Melbourne. Some of the country’s leading television networks and national brands have their base in Melbourne. This opens up a considerable market for kids wanting to make it big in the industry. The types of roles for kids range across speaking and non-speaking roles, extras work, and commercial advertising on television and online.

When seeking acting jobs in Melbourne a great advantage is to work with a kid’s casting agency that has all of the appropriate contacts to get your child auditions. For an idea of what types of kids acting jobs in Melbourne your child may be suitable for, here we will explore just a few.

Television or film

There are always roles for kids in television or film. Your child may secure a role as the main character in a television series or film, or be part of the supporting cast. Either way, getting hired for this type of role ensures that your child will be working regularly for the duration of the project.

The best way for your child to secure a role in television or film is to engage a kid’s casting agency. A reputable agency has the knowledge and experience within the industry to promote your child to the right people. Similarly, this will open up more opportunities for your child to attend auditions.

Television and film acting can be some of the toughest work in the industry. In order to gain traction and recognition, your child needs to put in the hard yards. From audition prep and dealing with knockbacks, to memorising lines and staying motivated and enthusiastic when on set, it takes a strong will and resilience to go all the way in TV and film.

Extras work

When a scene calls for a public setting, more than likely there will need to be extras in the background. Especially when set in a school or park. If your child is just starting out in acting, they can get a feel for the process in a non-speaking role. Before they delve deeper and audition for roles that require learning lines. Background or extras work, offers your child the chance to dip their toe in the acting waters and may lead to bigger things later in their career.

Marketing campaigns

Along with traditional forms of television advertising, there is another form of advertising that has gained popularity in recent years. Online marketing campaigns provide your child with yet another acting avenue to gain experience and build their ‘acting chops’.

Similar to a traditional TV advertisement, this form of marketing is built for social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. They are the ads you see before or during the video you have clicked on. Or you will scroll through in your socials feed. Your child can be the face of the next big trend to appear on a regular rotation online. This is great exposure to a wide audience far greater than local television can provide. And offers great opportunities for your child to get noticed by industry giants all over the world. A small start that can lead to great things.

Looking for acting jobs in Melbourne?

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