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How to Start Child Acting in Melbourne

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Does your child love being in the spotlight? Always eager to perform in front of family and friends? Not every child is interested in, or suitable for acting, but so many children enjoy the art of performing. If yours wants to explore acting as a career, or even just a way to make a little extra money, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Get involved in school drama

The way that many children generate an interest in acting is through school. It might be school plays, drama classes or other opportunities to perform. If your child expresses an interest in acting, this is definitely the first place you should look. Most schools encourage the performing arts and therefore your child should have many chances to see if they enjoy it.

The great thing about this is there’s very little cost. So, if they decide they don’t like performing, you’ve lost nothing but some time.

Acting and dance classes

The next step, if your child does enjoy performing, is to get them enrolled in some more professional classes. Depending on their age, acting and dance classes aren’t necessarily too full-on. But they will learn the basics of performing. They also learn how to follow directions and develop coordination skills. Again, if your child realises they don’t enjoy it, that’s ok. Trying things is exactly how they discover what they’re passionate about.

Find child acting representation

You can try to find auditions advertised online or elsewhere. That’s certainly how some people are discovered. However, getting auditions through a reputable casting agency is a much better way to go. Firstly, you’ll end up working with clients who have been ‘vetted’ by the agency. This means they should provide safe working environments, be reliable with payment and understand how to work with kids.

Secondly, you’ll get more exposure to a range of auditions. Reputable child acting agencies usually have a lot of clients, plenty of work, and more opportunities for your child.

Prepare for auditions

Finally, to get that first acting job, your child will need to do well at auditions. Your casting agency can help with tips, but it’s all about preparation. Check out our article here for some more ideas on audition preparation. Nail those auditions, and there’s no telling how far your child could go. The world of acting is a lot of fun, so if your child loves it, encourage them wherever possible.

Want to start your child acting?

Casting Kids has been representing children from babies through to 16 years old for more than a decade. As a fully inclusive casting agency, we work with children of all abilities. If your child wants to explore the world of acting, we’d love to meet them. We like to meet all of our kids and families so that we can understand your child’s goals and interests. It’s that personal service that sets us apart from the rest.

For the best child acting agency in Melbourne, contact Casting Kids today and find out how we can help.

Types of Kids Acting Jobs in Melbourne

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There are some great opportunities for budding performers to secure acting jobs in Melbourne. Some of the country’s leading television networks and national brands have their base in Melbourne. This opens up a considerable market for kids wanting to make it big in the industry. The types of roles for kids range across speaking and non-speaking roles, extras work, and commercial advertising on television and online.

When seeking acting jobs in Melbourne a great advantage is to work with a kid’s casting agency that has all of the appropriate contacts to get your child auditions. For an idea of what types of kids acting jobs in Melbourne your child may be suitable for, here we will explore just a few.

Television or film

There are always roles for kids in television or film. Your child may secure a role as the main character in a television series or film, or be part of the supporting cast. Either way, getting hired for this type of role ensures that your child will be working regularly for the duration of the project.

The best way for your child to secure a role in television or film is to engage a kid’s casting agency. A reputable agency has the knowledge and experience within the industry to promote your child to the right people. Similarly, this will open up more opportunities for your child to attend auditions.

Television and film acting can be some of the toughest work in the industry. In order to gain traction and recognition, your child needs to put in the hard yards. From audition prep and dealing with knockbacks, to memorising lines and staying motivated and enthusiastic when on set, it takes a strong will and resilience to go all the way in TV and film.

Extras work

When a scene calls for a public setting, more than likely there will need to be extras in the background. Especially when set in a school or park. If your child is just starting out in acting, they can get a feel for the process in a non-speaking role. Before they delve deeper and audition for roles that require learning lines. Background or extras work, offers your child the chance to dip their toe in the acting waters and may lead to bigger things later in their career.

Marketing campaigns

Along with traditional forms of television advertising, there is another form of advertising that has gained popularity in recent years. Online marketing campaigns provide your child with yet another acting avenue to gain experience and build their ‘acting chops’.

Similar to a traditional TV advertisement, this form of marketing is built for social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. They are the ads you see before or during the video you have clicked on. Or you will scroll through in your socials feed. Your child can be the face of the next big trend to appear on a regular rotation online. This is great exposure to a wide audience far greater than local television can provide. And offers great opportunities for your child to get noticed by industry giants all over the world. A small start that can lead to great things.

Looking for acting jobs in Melbourne?

At Casting Kids, we know talent when we see it. Our experienced, friendly staff are dedicated to finding acting jobs in Melbourne for your child. Contact us today to discuss the next steps on the road to acting success for your child.

4 Ways to Find an Acting Job

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When your child has expressed an interest in acting, it’s time to find them some work! Employment in the entertainment industry consists of a varying stream of temporary jobs. These jobs can last from a few hours to days or weeks at a time. And unless your child is lucky enough to secure a long-term, ongoing role early on, you will need to know how to find acting jobs if you want to maintain regular work. Here we will go through some of the most common ways you can find an acting job:

1.        Engage a talent agency

One of the best ways to find consistent acting jobs is to identify and engage a reputable talent agency. A professional acting agency will advocate for your child and introduce them to the right people within the industry.

Their connections will provide your child with many opportunities that may not be available to you otherwise. Through promotion and access to auditions, a talent agency will support and progress your child’s career in acting. Therefore, you should seriously consider engaging an acting agency to find your child an acting job.

2.        Gain acting experience

Above all, the more acting experience your child has, the higher their chances of securing an acting job. From school productions and student films to local theatre and amateur plays, it’s a good idea for your child to get involved in as many acting-related pursuits as possible. You may even want to consider enrolling them in acting classes to improve their skills, confidence, and increase their overall exposure to acting.

Acting agencies are also on the lookout for the next big star in many different settings. So, if your child displays a particular affinity for acting then having their talents on display can get them noticed very quickly. Any opportunity to practice and build on your child’s acting skills should be grabbed with both hands.

3.        Make connections in the industry

A huge advantage in the entertainment industry is increasing your exposure and showcasing your skills to potential employers. Consequently, connecting with industry professionals will greatly improve your child’s chances of getting an acting job. A great way to achieve this is social media. Join industry forums and groups, and follow leading talent agencies to stay informed and aware of opportunities that may arise.

Additionally, if your child has a flair in front of the camera, post their work on vlogging platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Ensure the type of content you share is relevant and highlights your child’s acting skills and range.

Maintaining an interactive presence online is extremely useful in self-promotion and widening your audience. This will greatly increase the chances of your child being discovered by the right people.

4.        Research casting calls

Casting calls are large auditions that you will find advertised online or within industry publications. Casting calls may be open to the general public or restricted to particular talent agencies or groups. By keeping your eye on industry-related sites, forums, and social media channels you may find an open casting call that leads to an acting job for your child.

Want help to find an acting job in Australia?

Casting Kids is dedicated to finding work for each and every one of our clients. We represent children of all abilities and backgrounds, from age 0-16. Finding your child an acting job is our number one priority and our friendly, professional staff will stop at nothing to promote and put your child forward for all suitable auditions.

Contact us today to discuss registration and get your child started on the right path to success.

Can You Get Auditions Without Children’s Agents in Melbourne?

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Looking for children’s acting and modelling auditions, but don’t know where to turn? Let’s look at whether you need children’s agents in Melbourne to find your child some work.

What do children’s agents in Melbourne do?

Children’s agents in Melbourne serve as a conduit between aspiring young actors and models, and the clients who want to hire them. All agencies are different, but here at Casting Kids we only register the children we genuinely think we can find work for. That gives us the best chance of keeping all of our kids happy by providing real opportunities.

Clients put the call out to their trusted agencies, who refer their best talent for jobs.

The question is, do you really need an agency? While there are certainly other ways to break into acting and modelling, we believe parents need to consider those avenues very carefully. Here’s why.

Safety and security at auditions

While you certainly can answer an advertisement online looking for child actors or models, we would advise to tread very carefully. Your child’s safety and security should always be the number-one consideration. When dealing with an agency, you can usually be assured the clients are legitimate and professional. When answering classified ads, you really have no idea what kind of situation you could be walking into.

The best clients use children’s agents in Melbourne

Acting and modelling is a little different to other jobs. While we don’t want to paint a negative picture of the industry, there’s a big difference between a reliable client and those with less experience. Simply, if your child is selected for an acting or modelling job, you want to know they’ll get paid. You don’t want amateur clients who promise payment ‘if and when this or that happens’.

Usually, the best clients who have their business in order use children’s agents in Melbourne. By working with clients your agency has already vetted, you have peace of mind that it will be a professional operation.

Casting directors prefer kids from an agency

One of the main reasons you should consider children’s agents in Melbourne is reputation. When casting directors put a call out for auditions, they’re more likely to give preference to children who come from an agency. That’s because they don’t have time to waste auditioning every child who wants to be an actor or model.

Children’s agents in Melbourne have a good reputation for referring children who are suitable a particular role. Think of it like the casting agency doing the shortlisting so directors don’t have to. For that reason, they’re much more inclined to hire from an agency rather than ‘off the street’.

Finding reputable children’s agents in Melbourne

Casting Kids has spent several years in the entertainment industry, helping kids of all abilities from age 6 months to 16. In that time, we’ve learned how to truly help our kids achieve success at auditions. We’ve also built up an impressive list of quality, trusted clients we’re comfortable with. If you’re looking for reputable children’s agents in Melbourne, look no further. We’d love to have a chat about your child’s future in acting or modelling, so please contact us today.

How to Navigate the World of Acting for Kids in Melbourne

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How many children have you heard say they want to be famous? Or they want to be in the movies like their favourite actors? It’s not an uncommon dream for youngsters, but it’s not quite always as simple as getting an audition and snaring a role.

There’s a lot that goes into helping kids pursue a dream of acting, so here’s some tips to help guide you through.

Ensure your child really want to try acting

Firstly, make sure your child is serious about giving acting a try. Wanting to be like Captain Marvel or their favourite TV stars is one thing. But really wanting to get up and perform in front of people is another.

Do your research, and find out exactly what’s involved in acting for kids in Melbourne. Talk to your child about the whole process, and see how they feel. If they’re not too serious about it, it’s better to find out now rather than later!

Find a reputable casting agency

The most important step in starting a career in acting is finding a reputable casting agency. You want to find one with plenty of regular clients, preferably larger names who advertise regularly. This gives your child more opportunities to attend auditions.

Likewise, look for an agency who really cares. Your child won’t get the support they need from an agency solely focused on money.

Preparation is the key for auditions

Once you child starts getting referred to auditions, it’s really their time to shine! However, standing in front of a casting director and being adorable isn’t always enough. If there are lines involved, your child should do everything in their power to learn them and be comfortable saying them in front of people.

For more involved roles, help your child really get a feel for the character and practice performing as them. Help your child dress appropriately for the roll also, and they’ll have every chance of success.

Acting for kids in Melbourne and school

If your child lands a regular gig on a TV show, the questions is always asked whether school will be affected. Well, the short answer is, school will change. Filming may occur during school times, but most productions involving children will help out with tutors. Aside from that, smaller productions and auditions may also occur during school hours. So, you’ll need to manage this effectively. We find that talking to schools in advance is a great option to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind.

Keep checking in with your kids – is it still fun?

Finally, make sure you’re always checking in with your kids. Unfortunately, their interests and passions change quite regularly. If they’re only attending auditions because they think you want them to, they’re not going to have as much fun. Always check in to see if they’re really enjoying themselves and whether acting for kids in Melbourne is still something they want to do.

The best agency to help with acting for kids in Melbourne

At Casting Kids, we represent children from 6 months to 16 years. We treat all of our kids with the utmost respect and work hard get them in front of casting directors for our many clients. To find out more, contact us today.

Melbourne Acting Agencies Advice for Kids

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Kids of any age who are interested in acting will be very excited if given an opportunity to pursue their passion. However, it’s not quite as easy as getting an audition and hitting the big screen. There’s a lot of work that goes into acting, and sometimes even a lot of disappointment. Likewise, it’s a great challenge and also extremely rewarding. So, if you’ve got little ones who are interested in acting, here’s some advice from one of Melbourne’s acting agencies.

Be comfortable performing in front of people

This might be an obvious piece of advice, but stage fright is a very real thing! Especially during auditions, it’s a pretty daunting experience for anybody. Even if you ace the audition, all acting requires some public performance. Even if you’re not on stage, there are usually plenty of people watching you on set.

So, before you consider acting as a career, make sure you enjoy performing in front of several pairs of eyes!

Make acting about fun, not money

For many, acting is a career. For kids though, you need to maintain an element of fun. Even if your heart is set on having a career as an actor when you’re older, it’s important not to lose your childhood.

Make sure acting is still fun, rather than just a financial pursuit, because you’ll enjoy it for far longer if you maintain that fun.

Be willing to test yourself

Acting is a tough business in the sense that there’s far more actors out there than there are roles. That means you can’t always be too choosy about the roles you audition for. You may not think an opportunity is perfect for you, however like most things in life, acting is all about challenging yourself.

Melbourne acting agencies need you to ‘prepare, prepare, prepare’

Preparation is always the key in acting, because it significantly helps your performance. For auditions, always learn your lines thoroughly. You should also make sure you dress appropriately and really understand the role you’re auditioning for. When it comes to nailing an audition, preparation is everything!

Be able to take direction

If you’re not able to take direction and follow instructions, you won’t have a great career in acting. Most directors have a very clear picture of what they want you to say, do and how to look. When you’re on set, you’ll need to be comfortable following instructions and taking the job seriously.

Missing out on a role is part of acting

Finally, prepare for a little disappointment along the way. There aren’t many actors of any age who are successful in winning every role they audition for. Plus, especially while you’re young it’s all a learning experience. So, if you miss out on a role, don’t get disheartened. Just try to learn what you could have done better, and move on to the next opportunity!

Only work with the best Melbourne acting agencies

At Casting Kids, we represent children from 6 months to 16 years, so for the best Melbourne acting agencies, look no further. To find out more, contact us today.