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Preparing for Acting Auditions: A Guide

acting auditions

If your child is starting a career in acting, one certainty is the need to attend auditions. Casting directors typically hold auditions for all types of acting jobs, because they need to see how potential actors take direction, how their personality radiates on screen and much more. Assuming your child is enthusiastic about acting, they’re probably no stranger to performing in front of people. But singing and dancing for family and friends is a lot different than attending acting auditions.

This guide will give you some tips on how to help your child prepare for auditions.

Different ages

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that the requirements for acting auditions will naturally vary depending on the child’s age. For babies and toddlers, they naturally won’t be speaking lines or even following any complex directions. However, as children get older, the expectations are a little higher.

For the purpose of the tips below, we’re going to assume your child is above the age of 6, and therefore should be able to take some direction and speak in front of people with confidence.

Getting the look

As much as we’re told that appearance isn’t everything, in the acting world there are certain standards to be met. For child actors it’s not always about facial features or beauty, but rather about having a look that suits a certain role.

Generally, you’ll be given some information before the audition, specifically about the role and what the directors are looking for. All auditions are different, of course, but if you do get some valuable ‘character’ information, it’s best to use it.

For example, if the job calls for a child to be playing on the beach, you’ll want your child to dress in beach-appropriate clothes. It’s more about overall appearance than just physical characteristics.

Learning lines

It really depends on the type of acting role as to whether your child will be required to perform lines. However, even if it’s a commercial with no speaking role, the directors may still want to see your child perform a line or two. This helps them assess suitability and of course, the ability to take direction.

So, if you’re given any lines before the audition, make sure your child practices them. In these cases, it’s best to make the practice a lot of fun. Help your child learn the lines, but also let their own personality shine through. This is what directors are usually looking for.

Practice acting auditions

Like anything in life, preparation for acting auditions is crucial. It may seem like overkill, especially when children are concerned, but why not make the entire process fun by holding a mock audition at home? You can play the role of casting director and your child can perform as instructed. It’s a bit of fun for them, but it also helps with any nerves they might experience when the real audition comes along.

Looking for acting auditions for kids?

If you’d like to discuss the first steps in your child’s acting career, Casting Kids is here to help. We represent children from ages 0 to 16, and we’re a fully inclusive casting agency. Contact us today to find out more.

Advice for Kids Who Audition for a Movie

audition for a movie

There are probably very few of us that haven’t dreamed about playing the lead role in a Hollywood blockbuster. Especially as a child, this seems like the ultimate achievement in an actor’s career. And whilst this may or may not be true, it’s hard to dispute that the prestige and celebrity of being splashed around on billboards everywhere isn’t a thrilling thought. Therefore, it’s understandable that your budding child actor might have a burning desire to audition for a movie. Here are a few tips and tricks that your child needs in their acting arsenal in order to blow away the competition and snag their dream role.

Preparation is key

The more your child prepares for the audition, the better their chances at securing the role. Your child needs to know as much about their part as possible. This includes reading the whole script, learning about their character, how they fit in with the story, and how they interact with the other characters. This will give you overall context and provide you with some ideas on how your child should “play” the role during the audition.

Think about what the story is trying to say and how the writers might have intended the character to be portrayed. And then practice, practice, practice. Work through the script with your child, and occasionally question them about their character. This will prepare them in case the casting director asks their opinion about the role or the storyline.

Project confidence

At the audition, your child might be a bundle of nerves inside, but on the outside, they should exude confidence. This is where the preparation comes in. If your child knows the material inside and out, they will have the mental energy to focus on other aspects of the audition. Things like impressing the casting director with their knowledge of the character and the story. Or dressing in an outfit or costume relevant to the part they are auditioning for. Importantly, when your child is going to audition for a movie, they should not shy away from having fun and expressing themselves. Confidence goes a long way to proving suitability for a role.

On-camera experience

When your child prepares to audition for a movie, they need to be comfortable performing in front of a camera. Practice at home prior to the audition by having your child read through their lines while you film them. Simulate the audition experience by sitting behind the camera and providing them with direction. This will be useful for when it comes time for the real thing. By creating a mock scenario, your child will be less overwhelmed or daunted by the prospect of acting on camera.

Want to audition for a movie?

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4 Ways to Find an Acting Job

acting job

When your child has expressed an interest in acting, it’s time to find them some work! Employment in the entertainment industry consists of a varying stream of temporary jobs. These jobs can last from a few hours to days or weeks at a time. And unless your child is lucky enough to secure a long-term, ongoing role early on, you will need to know how to find acting jobs if you want to maintain regular work. Here we will go through some of the most common ways you can find an acting job:

1.        Engage a talent agency

One of the best ways to find consistent acting jobs is to identify and engage a reputable talent agency. A professional acting agency will advocate for your child and introduce them to the right people within the industry.

Their connections will provide your child with many opportunities that may not be available to you otherwise. Through promotion and access to auditions, a talent agency will support and progress your child’s career in acting. Therefore, you should seriously consider engaging an acting agency to find your child an acting job.

2.        Gain acting experience

Above all, the more acting experience your child has, the higher their chances of securing an acting job. From school productions and student films to local theatre and amateur plays, it’s a good idea for your child to get involved in as many acting-related pursuits as possible. You may even want to consider enrolling them in acting classes to improve their skills, confidence, and increase their overall exposure to acting.

Acting agencies are also on the lookout for the next big star in many different settings. So, if your child displays a particular affinity for acting then having their talents on display can get them noticed very quickly. Any opportunity to practice and build on your child’s acting skills should be grabbed with both hands.

3.        Make connections in the industry

A huge advantage in the entertainment industry is increasing your exposure and showcasing your skills to potential employers. Consequently, connecting with industry professionals will greatly improve your child’s chances of getting an acting job. A great way to achieve this is social media. Join industry forums and groups, and follow leading talent agencies to stay informed and aware of opportunities that may arise.

Additionally, if your child has a flair in front of the camera, post their work on vlogging platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Ensure the type of content you share is relevant and highlights your child’s acting skills and range.

Maintaining an interactive presence online is extremely useful in self-promotion and widening your audience. This will greatly increase the chances of your child being discovered by the right people.

4.        Research casting calls

Casting calls are large auditions that you will find advertised online or within industry publications. Casting calls may be open to the general public or restricted to particular talent agencies or groups. By keeping your eye on industry-related sites, forums, and social media channels you may find an open casting call that leads to an acting job for your child.

Want help to find an acting job in Australia?

Casting Kids is dedicated to finding work for each and every one of our clients. We represent children of all abilities and backgrounds, from age 0-16. Finding your child an acting job is our number one priority and our friendly, professional staff will stop at nothing to promote and put your child forward for all suitable auditions.

Contact us today to discuss registration and get your child started on the right path to success.

Tips to Ace Casting for TV

casting for TV

Do your children dream of having their name up in lights on TV? Believe it or not, there are plenty of pathways for children to carve out a career in acting, and it doesn’t mean they have to go on reality TV! However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for kids is the audition. Casting for TV isn’t as easy as it sounds, because it’s a lot more involved than say a modelling shoot, or even advertising auditions.

If you want to help your kids bring their best selves to casting for TV, here are some tips to give them confidence.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Much like everything in life, preparation is the key to getting noticed during casting for TV shows. Most television roles will have a speaking component, which means you’ll be given some lines before the audition. If your child doesn’t quite get the lines right, it’s not the end of the world. But if they can nail it, they give themselves a great chance of winning a role.

We always recommend talking to your kids about the character they’re auditioning for. If you can get them in the mindset of that character, they’ll be able to shine during casting. Kids are exceptionally good at playing roles and having fun with characters, so don’t be afraid to encourage their creativity.

Dress for the part

Casting for TV doesn’t involve full costumes, but there’s an expectation your children will dress appropriately for the part. If the role is for a child living in a country town, don’t have them dress in their Sunday best. Likewise, if the role was for a science fiction film, be creative. You’re not expected to spend hours making alien costumes, but finding something a little out of the ordinary is a great touch.

Again, creativity is the key, and it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Just consider the role, and dress your child the way you think the character would dress.

Keep casting sessions fun and don’t stress

It might be easier said than done when children are so excited at the prospect of getting a role. But if they’re getting stressed and anxious, they won’t perform as well during casting for TV. Try and keep everything light-hearted and easy on the day. If your child is happy and relaxed, they can really show the casting directors their best side.

Acting skill beats looks every time

Finally, don’t let your children be too concerned about looks. There’s a misconception that ‘showbusiness’ is all about looks, but that’s not really the case. Many of the world’s greatest actors are hardly oil paintings. Encourage your child to focus on their acting skills, memorising lines, and give them the confidence to be themselves.

Do you want casting for TV in Melbourne?

Casting Kids represents children from 6 months to 16 years-old. We embrace diversity, and promote our children to a range of respected companies. We can help you get to those elusive casting sessions, and then it’s your time to shine! To find out more, contact us today.

Children’s Agents – Questions Answered

children's agents

Acting in Australia is a competitive business, and the same applies to kids and teenagers. There are plenty of people who would love to be actors, but there are only so many jobs out there. One of the best ways you can give your children an advantage is to find children’s agents. This gives you a foot in the door, so to speak, and also exposes your child to more audition opportunities.

However, we know that many parents have questions about how it all works, so int his article, we answer some of your questions!

How much do children’s agents cost?

Every agency is different, and will also charge differently. For example, at Casting Kids, we charge an annual membership fee. This covers everything including 12 months of exclusive representation a professional photo session and a personal profile on our website. We work tirelessly all year to put your child forward for potential auditions, so this is covered by the membership fee. Any money your child makes through acting in Australia is all yours.

Other agencies may charge a percentage of anything you earn; however, we feel an annual fee is more appropriate. We understand that parents who don’t see any evidence of us working for them won’t continue to be members. As such, an equal membership fee means we are always working just as hard for all of our members.

Does everyone get accepted?

In short, no they don’t. Part of the reason for that is the membership fee we discussed above. If we believe a child is unlikely to obtain work, we don’t feel comfortable charging an annual fee. As such, we only represent children who we believe have a good chance at finding work.

With that said, we actively promote diversity and equality, and we work with many children of all abilities including Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and limb differences.

Is acting work guaranteed?

Signing up with children’s agents doesn’t guarantee work. Because we only represent children who we believe we can find acting work for, we heavily promote all of our kids wherever appropriate. However, the client ultimately decides who they hire.

Fortunately, we have a wide range of clients who trust our recommendations, so we would certainly expect to be inviting your child to attend several auditions.

Need help finding children’s agents in Australia?

We represent babies and children up to the age of 16. We’ve also got a great reputation in the industry, and we’re trusted by both our clients and our members alike. If you’d like to find out more about child acting in Australia, contact us today at Casting Kids.