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Casting for TV: What do Directors Look For?

casting for tv

When casting for TV, there are some key attributes directors are looking for in their ideal child actors. Television roles, when attached to a successful program, enable your child to have reliable, consistent work for an extended period of time. Depending on their character’s storyline, this can mean many years of ongoing employment. (Think Kate Ritchie as Sally Fletcher in Home & Away). But landing this type of role can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so your child needs to have the range and versatility to play a number of different characters at the drop of a hat.

These tips should assist in audition preparation, and help your child stand out and secure work in television.


Character work in TV requires your child to stay on their toes and be adaptable to new situations. Depending on the role, time spent working on the same set can be finite and means your child is jumping from one character to another in very short succession. Therefore, the ability to immerse themselves in a new role quickly is vital to perform successfully in auditions.

When directors are casting for TV, your child’s adeptness at representing a diverse range of characters is something they will be paying close attention to. With particular emphasis on your child’s portrayal of the character in relation to the overall storyline, casting directors are looking for actors who not only recite the scripted lines but embody the essence of the role. With skill and confidence.


As mentioned, confidence is a crucial component of auditioning for TV roles. When casting for TV, directors want an actor who is not afraid to put every bit of skill and energy into their character portrayal. Because passion for performance and preparation are two aspects of acting that really shine through. A child who is completely invested and loves performing will be obvious to a casting director.

Increasing confidence in acting and developing the ability to execute a successful audition is difficult. So, your child should take the time to learn as much as possible about the television industry. And even study other performers they admire. Furthermore, your child should hone their skills by practising in front of the mirror at home. Even performing for friends and family, and taking part in local productions to build their self-esteem and confidence. Your child will make the best, most lasting impression on a director who is casting for TV.


Probably the most important aspect casting directors are looking for, is an actor who has prepared for their audition. Your child needs to absorb themselves in the character and have the ability to perform the lines without prompting or referring to the script.

Additionally, your child should be prepared to be challenged during their audition. Casting directors may wish to observe your child’s ability to improvise while remaining in character. This shows the director that your child has understood the concept of the story, and is not just reciting lines. Learning about the role and the character will demonstrate your child’s commitment and dedication to the role. And when casting for TV this is something directors will notice and make your child stand out at auditions.

Casting for TV opportunities

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Tips to Ace Casting for TV

casting for TV

Do your children dream of having their name up in lights on TV? Believe it or not, there are plenty of pathways for children to carve out a career in acting, and it doesn’t mean they have to go on reality TV! However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for kids is the audition. Casting for TV isn’t as easy as it sounds, because it’s a lot more involved than say a modelling shoot, or even advertising auditions.

If you want to help your kids bring their best selves to casting for TV, here are some tips to give them confidence.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Much like everything in life, preparation is the key to getting noticed during casting for TV shows. Most television roles will have a speaking component, which means you’ll be given some lines before the audition. If your child doesn’t quite get the lines right, it’s not the end of the world. But if they can nail it, they give themselves a great chance of winning a role.

We always recommend talking to your kids about the character they’re auditioning for. If you can get them in the mindset of that character, they’ll be able to shine during casting. Kids are exceptionally good at playing roles and having fun with characters, so don’t be afraid to encourage their creativity.

Dress for the part

Casting for TV doesn’t involve full costumes, but there’s an expectation your children will dress appropriately for the part. If the role is for a child living in a country town, don’t have them dress in their Sunday best. Likewise, if the role was for a science fiction film, be creative. You’re not expected to spend hours making alien costumes, but finding something a little out of the ordinary is a great touch.

Again, creativity is the key, and it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Just consider the role, and dress your child the way you think the character would dress.

Keep casting sessions fun and don’t stress

It might be easier said than done when children are so excited at the prospect of getting a role. But if they’re getting stressed and anxious, they won’t perform as well during casting for TV. Try and keep everything light-hearted and easy on the day. If your child is happy and relaxed, they can really show the casting directors their best side.

Acting skill beats looks every time

Finally, don’t let your children be too concerned about looks. There’s a misconception that ‘showbusiness’ is all about looks, but that’s not really the case. Many of the world’s greatest actors are hardly oil paintings. Encourage your child to focus on their acting skills, memorising lines, and give them the confidence to be themselves.

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