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The Best of Kids Talent Agencies in Melbourne

kids talent agencies melbourne

Casting Kids has been helping young people find their feet in the entertainment industry for over 17 years. So, what makes us stand out from the crowd? We’re proud of the reputation we’ve developed over the years. Particularly in the area of inclusivity and diversity. We believe all children should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their abilities. As one fo the professional kids talent agencies in Melbourne, here’s why we’re your first choice.

One of the kids talent agencies that cares

There’s a lot of competition in the world of modelling and acting, even for children. With that competition comes the myth that it’s a ruthless, cut-throat industry that lacks compassion. We try to change that perception here at Casting Kids. Modelling and acting are professions, so of course, the most talented are the ones who succeed. However, we believe that more children should be given the opportunity to shine.

We also promise honesty in all of our dealings. Over the years, we’ve come to understand what casting directors, particularly our clients, are looking for. So, there will be times when we genuinely think a child may not have the temperament or capability to meet those expectations. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you. WE don’t take registration fees unless we believe we can represent your child well.

A strong client list

One of the important things to consider when choosing a kid’s talent agency is their client list. All kids talent agencies in Melbourne have a list of loyal clients who come to them first when seeking talent for modelling or acting positions. It could be print media, television ads, or even studios looking for on-screen talent.

Here at Casting Kids, we’ve built a strong client list who frequently contact us with opportunities. This means we have a steady stream of auditions available for the kids we represent. While we can’t promise your child will be selected following auditions, we can certainly give them the chance to try.

Honest fee structure

We don’t take a percentage of your child’s earnings when they’re successful. We find that this structure of payment can be detrimental because it encourages agencies to only ever refer the very best children to auditions. Rather, we charge an annual registration fee which includes representation, an online profile, and professional photos to help your child gain opportunities.

With this structure, we’re encouraged to represent all of our kids equally. We understand you wouldn’t want representation if we didn’t give your child a fair chance, so we work diligently to help all of our kids.

Looking for the best of kids talent agencies in Melbourne?

Casting Kids has a great reputation in the industry, so if your child is looking for a start, we’d love to chat. All you need to do is schedule an initial meeting so that we can meet. We’ll talk to you and your child about your goals, and discuss how we can help. Contact us today, and find out why so many parents and kids love working with us!

Can Australian Talent Agencies Guarantee Work?

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There are few guarantees in this life. To be successful, you need to put in the hard work, dedicate yourself, and ensure every choice you make along the way aligns with your end goal. If your child has chosen a career in acting or modelling, one extremely beneficial decision you can make is engaging Australian talent agencies to represent your child.

The entertainment and modelling world can be daunting and confusing, so having a professional agent take care of every aspect is beyond helpful. Australian talent agencies will introduce your child to the right people, offer exclusive audition opportunities, and ensure your child has the best start possible on the path to success.

Working on your behalf

Australian talent agencies present your child with all the advantages of having an experienced industry specialist manage their career. Talent agencies are your link to auditions and potential acting/modelling work. Overall, their role is to advocate for your child and promote their skills to reputable clients and casting directors. They provide advice and guidance to you and your child to help navigate the audition process. They also connect you with the relevant people who can offer opportunities for advancing your child’s career.

Opening up opportunities

Professional Australian talent agencies can provide your child with invaluable acting and modelling experience. Additionally, with their industry connections, your child will have access to closed auditions that would be otherwise unavailable. Certainly, these opportunities are crucial in increasing your child’s exposure within the industry. Also for fostering their familiarity with acting and modelling.

Whilst the promise of work is impossible, Australian talent agencies will work hard to help your child succeed. The more your child is promoted to the right people, the more auditions they are put forward for. Therefore, the better their chances of securing acting or modelling work.

Giving you a head start

When you engage Australian talent agencies you can rest assured your child will be working with high quality, respected industry professionals. Meaning your child will have the best opportunities available to be seen by some of the country’s top casting directors. A reputable agency has the necessary experience and knowledge of what clients are looking for in their talent. And can prepare your child by providing them with the relevant tips and tricks to stand out at auditions. 

Above all, your child needs every advantage to get ahead in this environment. The entertainment and modelling industries are especially competitive, with a never-ending parade of enthusiastic and talented children vying for work. So, when it comes to securing a job, Australian talent agencies can help your child, Especially to develop the right skills to showcase their skills on demand and impress at every audition.

A standout in Australian talent agencies

Casting Kids has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s outstanding talent agencies. We are dedicated to providing our clients with focused, personalised service, getting to know you and your child, and presenting appropriate opportunities relevant to your child’s individuality. 

Representing children of any ability from the age of 0-16 years, Casting Kids is the top choice in Australian talent agencies. We care about your child and their budding career, so contact us today to book a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kids Talent Agency Melbourne: Questions to Ask

kids talent agency melbourne

There are a lot of uncertainties and unknowns when starting out in the entertainment industry. You want to know where to start, how it all works and what it means for your child. And it can seem completely overwhelming. To help guide you through the process, a kids talent agency can be an extremely helpful asset. But how do you work out which one is right for you? We will guide you through some of the questions you should be asking when looking for a kids talent agency in Melbourne.

How much will my child earn?

This is probably the first question that comes to mind when engaging a kids talent agency. And it’s understandable. You will be paying membership fees to the agency therefore you want to know if your investment is going to be fruitful. You want to make sure your child is rewarded for the hard work, time and effort they put into securing acting roles. So, this question is important to raise with the talent agency. But be aware that, unfortunately, it’s not possible to get a definitive answer. It really depends on how many, and what type of, roles your child is hired for.

Is my child guaranteed work from a kid’s talent agency in Melbourne?

This question is quite common when interviewing a kids talent agency in Melbourne. You should not make assumptions about the agency’s ability to expose your child to the right industry people. It’s directly related to how much work your child will get through the agency. So, whilst no agency can guarantee work, they can provide a guarantee of working hard to promote your child. And put them forward for as many auditions as possible that suit the talents of your child.

Who are your clients?

This question will give you an idea of the calibre of work the agency can provide your child. A good indication of a well-known agency is the list of high-quality, recognisable clients they work with. The agency should be open and honest about who they have dealings with, and who you can expect your child to be connected with. Look for brands you have heard of and have seen examples of their work to decide if their brand fits with your ethical perspective and your child’s personality.

How do I apply?

When looking for a kids talent agency in Melbourne, you should find out the registration process for your child. How difficult or confusing is the paperwork? Can you apply online? Does your child need to attend an interview with the agency? A reputable agency should provide you with options, should be flexible and available to discuss the process with you, and offer advice and guidance before you make your final decision.

Looking for a kids talent agency in Melbourne?

Casting Kids has been a respected kids talent agency in Melbourne for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our personalised, professional service and dedication to finding the right role for all of our clients. We represent children of all abilities, from 6 months to 16 years. Contact us to find out more or to arrange a time to discuss registering your child with Casting Kids.

How to Apply to Talent Agencies in Melbourne

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Your children are the most precious thing in your life, so you always want to make the right choices for them. If they’re interested in acting or modelling, you only want to consider trusted talent agencies in Melbourne. Even though you’ll be with your kids the whole time, you wouldn’t trust them to just anybody. So how do you find the right talent agencies to work with? Here’s a few tips to consider!

Firstly, do your research

Doing your research is the most important step you can take when considering acting or modelling for your kids. Of course, you want a great company with lots of industry contacts and clients, but safety is paramount. So, its important to check online for testimonials and ask for recommendations.


A talent agency’s reputation is your number one concern. Before you even worry about costs, likelihood of success or any other factors, you want a trustworthy agency to work with. You can check for recommendations online, read reviews, and also read carefully through their website.


Cost is another consideration when choose representation for your child. Some will ask for a percentage of earnings, while others charge an annual registration fee. At Casting Kids, we favour an annual fee because it ensures we’re working hard for all our kids.

Client base

Naturally, if you’re paying a registration fee, you’d like to know your talent agency has plenty of jobs coming in. While there’s never any guarantee of work, because the decision ultimately lies with the client, a good client base lets you know the agency has a reputation for quality.

Acting, modelling, or both?

Another thing you might like to consider is what your child specifically wants to do. Are they only interested in acting, or do they also want to try some acting? Some may feel comfortable in a modelling setting but not want tackle the acting side of things.

Most child talent agencies in Melbourne will handle both disciplines. However, it’s good to be clear on what your child wants to do, because it makes future discussions easier.

Contact talent agencies in Melbourne directly

Finally, the best thing you can do is contact talent agencies directly. Often, you simply need to meet with them to find out if they’re a good fit. Here at Casting Kids, we always arrange a meeting as a starting point, because we love to get to know you and your child first.

When you meet with any potential agencies, you can ask all of the questions you like, and they will no doubt have some for you too. In any meeting, look for transparency and honesty. Agencies who promise the world won’t necessarily be the right fit. Once you’re comfortable though, you can look forward to a great relationship with your new talent agency in Melbourne!