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What Age for Babies Modelling Agencies?

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Babies modelling can be a tricky world to navigate, especially if you’re new to the industry. Fortunately, here at Casting Kids we’ve had years and years of experience working with children of all ages. One of the questions we get asked is when can children start modelling?

We represent babies from 6 months old, so children can definitely start young. Many parents get their children into modelling from a young age because it’s a great way to earn some extra money to help with school fees.  

Here’s what you should know about babies modelling.

What do casting directors expect?

If you’ve signed up with a reputable agency like Casting Kids, you should start getting some audition opportunities. However, auditions for babies are a bit different than they are for older kids and adults. In more professional settings, there’s an expectation that the children know what they’re doing, at least to an extent.

With babies, there are virtually no expectations. During a casting call for babies, the director really just wants to see if they have the right temperament. Admittedly, with babies that can be a little hit and miss. Just make sure your baby is as relaxed as possible.

What types of jobs are available?

It’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Sometimes there is an influx of clients wanting babies to appear in print media, online advertisements or even video advertising. Basically, any time you see a baby in any form of advertising, they’ve likely been through a child acting or modelling agency.

So, really the sky is the limit. Your baby could appear in online photos to advertise clothing or toys. They could appear in department store catalogues. Sometimes babies are used in television commercials, too. Ultimately, it will be up to your casting agency to decide whether they refer your child for an audition or not. However, unless there are some specific criteria involved, your baby should be eligible for most parts.

How to prepare

Honestly, there’s very little preparation for babies modelling auditions. Obviously, they don’t need to perform lines, and they don’t even really need to follow instructions. In many ways, it’s just about your baby being happy, having fun, and getting photos taken at the right moment.

So, if you get an audition for your baby. Just try to keep everything normal, keep them relaxed and happy, and be ready to help the casting director. In a lot of ways, you’ll probably end up following more directions than your child will!

Looking for the best babies modelling agency?

Casting Kids has years of experience in the industry. We have a healthy list of great clients, and also an excellent group of children we represent. Casting Kids represents children from 6 months old to the age of 16. So, if you’d like to get your baby into modelling, we’re the crew to talk to! We love meeting new families, and if we think we can find work for your little one, you can register straight away! Contact Casting Kids today to find out how we can help.

What Does Casting for Babies Involve?

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Acting and modelling for babies is a great way to earn a little extra money and give your baby a fun experience. Most people running casting for babies are skilled in making it fun for everyone. Of course, your baby won’t be thinking about a future career, but you can potentially earn a nice bit of money to put aside for them.

Here are some of the things you should know about casting for babies, and how you can maximise the experience.

An overview of the job

Before you attend casting, or an audition, you should have a good idea of the job’s requirements. More importantly, what is the job for? While this information may not make a huge amount of difference, it’s good to know. Your baby obviously won’t be expected to learn lines or do anything too complicated. However, you probably still want to know what kind of advertisements they might appear in.

If you have a reputable casting agent, they should provide you with all of the information you need. This will include casting address, a contact person’s name and any other guidelines for the day.

Clothing guidelines

One of the things that may be required when attending casting for babies is special clothing. As we mentioned, babies aren’t expected to do anything too complicated. Most of the time, they won’t need any special clothes or costumes. However, in rare circumstances a casting call may ask for a particular colour of clothing.

If there are no guidelines, use your own intuition. When you’ve got some details about the advertisement and who it’s for, why not play up to that? If it’s for a clothing brand, try to attend the audition with your baby dressed in that brand.

Casting for babies is unpredictable

As we know, anything involving our little ones can be quite unpredictable. As such, directors don’t expect perfection. Generally, casting directors are looking for a happy, smiling baby who can look cute on camera. However, they understand that a child who is charming on one day may not be the next day.

Don’t stress too much about the audition, because directors are used to working with children and babies. Temperament is important, but when it comes to babies, that can change within seconds, let alone days. Just keep the experience positive and fun, and hopefully your baby has a great time too.

Looking for casting for babies?

If you’ve got a little one that you’d love to see on the big or small screen, or even in other forms of advertising, we can help. Casting Kids has been helping children realise their dreams for over 16 years, and we’ve built up a strong client base who trust us.

We’re also fully inclusive, representing babies and children of all abilities. It all starts with a meeting where we get to know you and your child. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us online to find out how we can help.

Is There a Babies Modelling Agency in Melbourne?

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When you see print ads, catalogues, television advertisements and even company websites, you’ll notice there are plenty of children appearing. That’s because if a business sells baby products, they want bright and happy babies appearing in their marketing. If you think your baby might have the look and temperament to do some modelling, it’s likely you’ll consider finding a babies modelling agency.

Modelling for babies is a great way to earn a little money towards their education or future. But you need to find the safest and most professional way to get their career started.

What does a babies modelling agency do?

A babies modelling agency is responsible for representing your child to clients who need talent. On one hand, they work for clients, always trying to send the very best babies for the client’s requirements. On the other hand, they’re working hard to represent your baby, ensuring they get plenty of opportunities.

In short, a client will let them know they need babies for a certain job – it might be clothing websites, toy stores or something similar. The agency will then look through their list of registered children, and send details of the babies they think are most suitable for the job.

Alternatives to using an agency

There are other ways to get modelling work of course, because not all businesses use a modelling agency. Smaller businesses especially may advertise through other means, such as social media or other online forms. This allows you to book in an audition or send photos of your child to see if the business wants to meet you. While most people have good intentions though, there are some things to be aware of if you don’t use an agency.

Firstly, your child’s safety. If you need to take them to auditions or jobs, you want to ensure it’s a professional setup. Casting agencies usually only work with clients who provide safe working environments and professional modelling shoots. So, using an agency gives you a little extra piece of mind.

Also, there is naturally a risk if you’re sending photos of your child to unknown businesses online. Through an agency however, you know that clients are legitimate. In addition to the safety concerns, when you use an agent, you usually get paid a little more because the clients are generally bigger, and you’ve got someone representing you.

Looking for the best babies modelling agency in Melbourne?

Here at Casting Kids, we’ve built a strong reputation among both clients and parents. We represent children from 6 months through to 16 years, and also represent children of all abilities. We also don’t register every child who applies. That’s because we want to ensure we can actually find work for your child. That’s how we’ve developed a great reputation with clients, and it also means parents aren’t paying registration fees with no return.

As a leading babies modelling agency in Melbourne, we’ve got your child’s best interests at heart. Contact us today, because we’d love to meet you and your baby!

How Does Casting for Babies Work?

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Do you have a cute baby with a zest for life and laughter? Of course, all babies are amazing, and you might have even considered getting them in to modelling. You might be surprised to learn that casting for babies isn’t much different to other casting. Well, with less lines of course!

If you’d like to get your baby into some acting work and share their smile with the world, here’s how it all works.

Start with registration

Firstly, you need to find a reputable casting agent to work with. Here at Casting Kids, we’ve built a strong reputation with both parents and clients over a number of years. We represent children of all ages and abilities, and promote diversity in the children’s modelling and acting. The first step is simply filling out an online registration form, together with a picture of your baby. You can also mail a form to:

Casting Kids

PO Box 2411

Hawthorn VIC 3122

Attending an interview

Once we’ve received and looked over your registration form, you and your baby will be invited in for a meeting. It’s not something you need to feel pressured about, but we love meeting families. It’s a simple meeting where we’ll discuss your goals, get to know you and your little one, and explain our processes for you.

What happens next?

We should mention that we don’t represent everybody who applies. As we charge an annual registration fee, rather than a percentage of earnings, we don’t feel it’s ethical to collect registration fees if we don’t think we can represent your child. Unfortunately, casting for babies is a tricky business. Through experience, we’ve learned what casting directors look for. If we don’t think we can find work for your baby, we’ll be honest and upfront.

If we do choose to represent your baby, we’ll book in a time for a professional photoshoot with your little one. They’ll also be given a profile on Casting Networks. From there, we begin suggesting your baby for suitable jobs.

Do you guarantee work for my baby?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to guarantee work. Directors of each project will conduct the final casting for babies, and they make the decision of who they hire. We do however work tirelessly to promote your child to all suitable openings in the industry.

Looking for professional casting for babies?

If you’d like to register your baby for representation, please fill out our registration form to get started. Contact us at any time if you have questions, or to find out more about what we do here at Casting Kids.