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5 Common Misconceptions About Kids Modelling

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Children’s modelling is a growing industry and with the rise of social media, it’s become easier to get into. While it’s true that there are many misconceptions about child modelling, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid doing it. In fact, if you’re interested in pursuing this career path for your children, here are five common misconceptions that we’d like to address.

Kids modelling is easy

Many people think that modelling is easy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Modelling is a lot of work, and it’s definitely not easy. It requires discipline and focus to be able to sit still for long periods of time in front of the camera. Kids are constantly moving, which means they’re not always going to be able to hold a pose or give the expression required. If your child is keen on modelling, they need to have a good temperament and be willing to work hard.

Kids modelling jobs are dangerous

We’ve all heard the horror stories of child stars in the US being subjected to dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, this misconception permeates the acting and modelling world, and there is some truth to it. Kids modelling is just like any industry that’s full of mostly good people, with a few who ruin it for others.

The reality is, you as a parent always have the final say over what your child can do on a modelling job. If you’re not comfortable with a person or situation, you can remove your child. But it’s also important not to go into modelling thinking that everybody does the wrong thing. Because when you work with a reputable kids modelling agency and great clients, the risks are extremely low.

Kids modelling is all about looks

You may think that modelling is all about looks, but that’s a very deceiving concept. Of course, a certain look is important, but every job requires a different look. There is no set definition of what a child should look like for modelling. Looks definitely aren’t’ everything, especially where children’s modelling is concerned. It’s more about having the right temperament and personality.

Every child can be a model

Kids modelling is certainly available for everybody to try, but there are no guarantees. Here at Casting Kids, for example, we’re fully inclusive and represent children with all abilities. But only if we genuinely believe we can find opportunities for your child. For example, if a child doesn’t have the right temperament to take directions in front of a camera, they may not be suitable, and we won’t take your registration fees if we don’t think we can help.

Modelling isn’t easy, so it’s important not to get a child’s hopes up when you first visit a modelling agency.

All child models end up as adult models

Doing some modelling as a child doesn’t mean that you’ll end up as a model forever. Sure, some love the industry and excel in it. But others do it for a while as kids, and then move on to other things in life. There are definitely careers available for those who are interested, but just because your child does some modelling, it doesn’t mean they can only ever be models. Your kids can grow up to be whatever they want!

If you’d like to get your child started with a career in modelling, contact us at Casting Kids today. We’re your trusted kids modelling agency in Melbourne.

How Does Casting for Babies Work?

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Do you have a cute baby with a zest for life and laughter? Of course, all babies are amazing, and you might have even considered getting them in to modelling. You might be surprised to learn that casting for babies isn’t much different to other casting. Well, with less lines of course!

If you’d like to get your baby into some acting work and share their smile with the world, here’s how it all works.

Start with registration

Firstly, you need to find a reputable casting agent to work with. Here at Casting Kids, we’ve built a strong reputation with both parents and clients over a number of years. We represent children of all ages and abilities, and promote diversity in the children’s modelling and acting. The first step is simply filling out an online registration form, together with a picture of your baby. You can also mail a form to:

Casting Kids

PO Box 2411

Hawthorn VIC 3122

Attending an interview

Once we’ve received and looked over your registration form, you and your baby will be invited in for a meeting. It’s not something you need to feel pressured about, but we love meeting families. It’s a simple meeting where we’ll discuss your goals, get to know you and your little one, and explain our processes for you.

What happens next?

We should mention that we don’t represent everybody who applies. As we charge an annual registration fee, rather than a percentage of earnings, we don’t feel it’s ethical to collect registration fees if we don’t think we can represent your child. Unfortunately, casting for babies is a tricky business. Through experience, we’ve learned what casting directors look for. If we don’t think we can find work for your baby, we’ll be honest and upfront.

If we do choose to represent your baby, we’ll book in a time for a professional photoshoot with your little one. They’ll also be given a profile on Casting Networks. From there, we begin suggesting your baby for suitable jobs.

Do you guarantee work for my baby?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to guarantee work. Directors of each project will conduct the final casting for babies, and they make the decision of who they hire. We do however work tirelessly to promote your child to all suitable openings in the industry.

Looking for professional casting for babies?

If you’d like to register your baby for representation, please fill out our registration form to get started. Contact us at any time if you have questions, or to find out more about what we do here at Casting Kids.

Kids Model Casting Melbourne – Choosing the Right Clothes

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Thinking of taking your child to some kids modelling casting sessions in Melbourne? Of course, the biggest thing you’re probably asking yourself is: “What should they wear?” It’s a great question, because casting directors can often be pretty strict about what they’re looking for. Unlike acting auditions, there’s not usually a specific role to dress for. So, here’s a few simple tips to help your child catch the director’s eye!

Model casting Melbourne 101: Keep colours bright

We can’t stress enough that you should try to have your child wearing something bright. It doesn’t have to be outlandish, but bright colours catch they eye. Specifically, you want to stay away from solid white, red and also black. White can tend to wash out your child’s face, while red can ‘bleed’ on camera. Black – well, unless it’s for a gothic toddler’s fashion store, we’d say no.

By wearing something bright, it makes your child that little bit more memorable. Remember, there’s probably plenty of competition so you certainly want to stand out from them.

No logos or slogans

We generally would advise against brand name logos and also slogans. Colourful and bright is certainly great, as long as there’s no visible logos or other kinds of trademarked image. It also may not please your child a great deal, but the same goes for cartoon characters. As much as they might love their favourite superhero, it’s best to keep shirts free of any branding when it comes to kid’s model casting in Melbourne.

Dress age-appropriately

It probably goes without saying, but dressing age-appropriately is strongly advised. Remember, the casting call is for child models, not child models who look like adults. The casting directors want children of a certain age, so dressing them up to look older or younger won’t win you any points.

Record what your child wears to model casting in Melbourne

If your child is successful on getting a call-back, you’ll certainly want to go back in the same outfit. This is because something caught the director’s eye the first time, so you want to do it again. It also helps them remember exactly what they loved about your child the first time. So, keep a simple record of what your child wears to each casting, then you’ll never forget!

Make sure your child is comfortable

Most importantly, make sure your child is comfortable in what they’re wearing. We’ve all seen how kids fidget and tug and pull at clothes they don’t like. It’s not a great look in the middle of casting, so letting them choose from a few carefully selected options is a good idea.

The best kids model casting in Melbourne

If your child wants to have a go at modelling, contact us today at Casting Kids. Our professional team are waiting to meet you and your family. We offer a personalised, friendly service and can help your little models get their start!